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I brought my Rottweiler (who is not aggressive) for a bath and furminator. They tell me that they will not be able to do the furminator because of her temperament and gave me attitude while asking "is she aggressive in general or just towards other dogs?" She barked and playfully growled at a dog getting his nails trimmed because she wanted to play, not to be aggressive. They then tell me that they will only be able to bathe her, not do the furminator that is really the only reason I brought her in. I told them that the furminator is the only reason I came in to which they responded "well we'll try, but with her temperament, I don't know that we'll be able to." The groomer who was telling me this then says "you'll have to wait for someone else to get her, I'm not going to handle her because my hand hurts."

Upon returning to pick up my dog, they tell me "next time we suggest you bring her during the morning of a week day when it's not as busy since she's aggressive." My dog is not aggressive, she's never hurt anyone or any other dog. She barks and gives a playful growl because she wants to play and if you read her body language, you can tell she's not going to hurt anyone. I don't appreciate the attitude I was given by the groomers. I will not be returning from grooming services at this location again.

1417 W. I-240 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Nov 3, 2018
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  • Ca
      3rd of Nov, 2018

    Um... Your dog was growling... How do the groomers know when she is going to become aggressive? They Don't know. All they heard was your dog barking and growling at another dog. The groomer doesn't know if she is playing, or getting ready to attack... So next time, wash and groom your own dog.

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  • Um
      24th of Mar, 2019

    Lol you non agressive Rottweiler owner (PS: no such thing)! Growling is the universal warning sign a dog gives for stay the fvk away.

    It is a warning that the dog does not feel comfortable in the situation.

    I'd give attitude towards you too.

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