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Petsmart Grooming / North Attleboro, Mass. / grooming services/staff

1 Rte. 1North Attleboro, MA, United States Review updated:

I will NEVER take my dogs Cosmo and Scooter back to PetSmart Grooming Servies in North Attleboro, Mass. ever again. I am done. I went to bring Cosmo (my lhasa apso) to have his nails clipped and to get a brush out. A blonde haired, heavy set young girl told me that he was matted. I had been working on getting the mats out. She told me that they would have to shave his legs and then I would be asked by everyone what kind of disease does your dog have. She continued her behavior with me and I told her just to clip his nails and shave his belly. She then reinerated the fact that my Cosmo would like he had a disease. She also told me that Cosmo was high maintenance. She showed me his undercoat, etc... Her manner was not becoming, even if she was talking directly to Cosmo herself. All PetSmart wants to do with my dogs is to shave them and then charge me an outrageous amount. I was told that if they shave my Cosmo (which was NOT an option), that they would charge me $46.00. Mind you, Cosmo weighs a whopping 11 pounds. I told her that price was more expensive than if I had his regular grooming services. Her attitude was like tough, take it or leave it. PetSmart should be ashamed of it's staff. I am telling all my friends, relatives and my classes NOT to bring their pets to PetSmart. I will NEVER go back there. I have already had two horrible incidents with them and this one broke the camel's back. Please, if you love your pets, DO NOT bring them to PetSmart. I am outraged at the lack of service that they provide and the attitude with their staff. Cosmo is too precious to me and I would NEVER subject him to that type of enviroment.

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  • Yo
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    Perhaps you should brush your dog. There's no way to brush mats out without it causing extreme amounts of pain, and if your dog is that precious to you, why would you want the staff to hurt him?

    This sounds like you were just told something you didn't want to hear, not like a legitimate complaint at all.
    And yes, if I saw a dog with only parts of his body shaved, I would assume he'd had surgery or been sick.

    I go to this PetSmart all the time, and I've had nothing but pleasant, above and beyond service and grooming.

  • Ma
      29th of May, 2009
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    I go to this petsmart all of the time, and have had nothing but good experiences. The groomers there are very knowledgeable about their craft. They only have the dogs best intentions at heart.

    Lucky for me, I don't have a dog that will knot up if not properly brushed and combed daily. She does however not like having her feet touched. Since going there regularly to have her nails trimmed, she has become much more comfortable with the procedure, because those girls have taken the time to work with her, and I am beyond grateful.

    Working to get the mats out doesn't mean getting the mats out. There's a point that you have to realize that it is in the dogs best interest to just shave them and start over. It's absolutely ridiculous and very selfish to expect a skilled groomer to put your dog in pain just because YOU don't like the idea of a dog with shaved legs, and are worried about what other people will think. It's called Humanity before Vanity, and it's something that more people should practice.

    Even tonight, I watched a very skilled young lady slowly and meticulously shave a matted shih tzu, and watched it come off in one pelt. I couldn't imagine allowing a poor animal to get into that condition. The dog was so sweet, and his groomer was very patient, as it looked like he did not like having his feet touched. Granted yes, he was a naked little dog in the end, but there would have been no reason to painfully remove those mats simply because the owner would have wanted it. It's not the dogs fault that the hair got knotted up, it was the owners for not taking care of them.

    It does sound to me that you are simply upset because you were told something you did not want to hear, and I highly suggest you reevaluate yourself and how you view others. They care about the well being of your animal.

    And $46 is nothing for a grooming for a lhasa. My sister owns one down south, and gladly pays $60. These dog require alot of work, and a groomer should be paid for her time and skill.

  • Re
      20th of Apr, 2014
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    You sound like a horrible client that wants nothing but miracles done for you, even though you're not fulfilling your end of the deal of maintaining your dog's coat. Stop blaming the groomer for not being able to undo your

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