PetSmart / groomer at petsmart in poplar bluff missouri

On May 26th I took my 13 month old standard poodle to get a basic groom. When I dropped her off for her 11 to 2 appt. she was a very active dog. When I picked her up at approx. 5 pm she was quiet. I assumed it was because I had them cut all her hair off for the summer. By Saturday evening she wasn't eating and became lethargic. When I let her outside to go to the bathroom she would stand in 1 place. Things went down hill from there. Monday morning I took her to the vet and she did an xray and went in for emergency surgery for a twisted stomach that was around her esophagus. I trust my vet and the vet said that something had to have happened to my dog during her grooming. I spoke to Kabra, who is the salon manager at Poplar Bluff and I was informed that there are no cameras in the store. I would like this matter to be investigated. If there are no cameras then I understand that it is my word against theirs but I want to make sure that this never happens again. I was told that there has not been a complaint against this salon but I was informed by Stephanie Twyman that she filed a complaint and has never heard back from you. And it was also against the same groomer. The groomer is Stephanie Carson. Please get back with me and let me know that you have taken this serious and something was done.

Jun 04, 2018

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