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On and around 19:20 October 17, 2018 at the Clark Drive and Broadway location in Vancouver, BC, I was ripped off. I walked inside, spread $28 on the counter, requested a pack of John Player Special Blue and the remainder gas on pump two. I spoke deliberately, loudly, and clearly while attempting to make eye contact. The clerk seemed to understand, but did have to ask me to repeat which pump. He handed me my cigarettes, at which point I felt satisfied. I exited the store and proceeded to fuel my vehicle. The pump stopped at $5.95. Obviously this was wrong. I re entered the store, waiting for the clerk to finish with the current customer. At which point I spoke at the same clerk, simply notifying I only received $5 gas. He replied "Umm". I reminded him I gave him $28. He replied "Yea".
I said, "I gave you $28, how much can this pack of cigarettes possibly be?"
He mumbled, " umm." And then fumbled with the register. Printed a receipt and said, " $18."
I asked, " the cigarettes cost $18?"
He said, " you gave me $18 "
Knowing cigarettes are more than $12.05 I don't even bother arguing, I simply ask, " pull the tapes."
He then fumbles with the cash register again and says, "$18". I repeat " pull the tapes, I spread the money out, it's gonna be obvious "
He tells me "I'm not gonna do that"
I ask to speak to the owner or a manager.
His coworker says I can't. If I want to speak to a manager I have to call in the morning. I wasn't given contact information and the clerk who stole from me walked away. I don't think he intentionally ripped me off, but I do think he's so incompetent and oblivious he should not be handling money. I originally did not take a receipt, assuming the transaction was so simple and so transparent it wouldn't merit one. And when I went back in, the receipt offered was wrong, and therefore worthless to me. I do have a time stamped photo of the clerk, and I'm sure the cash registers balance will be off when checked. If I reported this to the VPD and pursued criminal charges it would most likely ruin his future. I'd rather not see that. And I'm not driving back for a refund. All I'm asking for is an apology and some sort of assurance something will be done to prevent this from happening to others. I think it's ridiculous they were unwilling to review the video tapes considering the clerk couldn't even remember what and how much he was just handed.
I gave him a $20, a $5, a $2 coin, and 4 quarters. And spread them separately on the counter to dispel any confusion. Because I can see clearly by body language and eye contact that his attention is not all on me. Pump 2 at 19:20, a black grand caravan with Alberta rental plates. Because I'm really gonna buy cigarettes and only put $5 into a grand caravan ...
Further, I pulled $60 from an atm downtown. I spent $32 on vendor hotdogs. Leaving me the exact change I gave to the clerk. My pockets are empty and the atm didn't give me a $10 bill. I don't care if he stole $0.25 or $1000. It's wrong. And not willing to take five minutes and review the tape is ridiculous. I guarantee, if I called the police, they'd run the tapes, but why should the citizens of Vancouver have to pay police wages to prove something so ridiculously simple?

Mr. McCarthy

P.S. I attached a photo. The clerk in question is the one in focus, walking away from me, offering no avenue of complaint resolution. The clerk out of focus is the one who told me if I wanted to complain or talk to a manager I'd have to call in the morning. Offering no telephone number or contact name. I asked him for the managers name and he softly said something along the lines of "Manjeet"
A photo time stamp app will reveal the time of the photo was 7:24pm 10/17/18.

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Oct 18, 2018
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  • Ty
      Nov 10, 2018

    Awesome. I understand there may very well be a language barrier, inexperience and distrust with a new hire but...If I were to arrive in India, get a job without being able to speak Urdu or whatever natural language I would not expect to receive any help from the 1.32 billion inhabitants, nor would receive any. I purchase $ 1500- $ 2000 a month of product from Petro Canada ( 25 year customer) and have learned to give very clear instructions when purchasing in store. I have grown to detest the attitude of not listening, staring at the customer as if they are mentally deficient and the serious lack of accountability in these stores. Thank you for posting, this is widespread and entrenched in the culture at Petro Canada. I was stared at, dismissed and accused of being a thief this morning, Nov. 10 2018 at a Petro Canada when trying to purchase of lottery tickets and fuel. The young woman was completely taken by surprised when I lost my temper and started yelling( I mean really Yelling). I instructed her to call a manager that knew what they were doing and 2 hours later it was resolved. I'll be invoicing Petro Canada directly for my time.

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