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I paid a large amount of money for my furbaby because they promised happy and healthy. One week after bringing home our new Lilly, she had a siezure. I took her to my vet for a check up and for a vaccine. She couldnt give her the vaccine because she was way over medicated. The vet said shes not sure if the medications she was given will even work because they gave them too close together for her body to develop the antibodies. I asked where she was from before we bought her. Mindy said she was from a reputable local breeder. I researched the paperwork and found that my Lilly is from a puppy mill. The paperwork lists 4 different names in 4 different states. Also listed is a Broker: Mid America Pet. I do NOT want to return her, nor do I want any money. I simply want an apology from Mindy, Kristen, Clay and Jessica Slivko. They have forever changed me. Because of them I will have to live with the fact that I've contributed to the abuse, neglect, suffering, and inhumane treatment of these dogs. They should NOT be able to lie to customers about where these puppys are coming from. They should not be able to falsify documents. I have all my paperwork upon request. I've made several calls and attempts to find out the true origins of my puppy. However, the attempts have been unsuccessful.

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  • Sa
      Feb 28, 2011

    I purchased a puppy from Petland (her name is Lily as well!) and it appears she is deaf. I spoke with a man who said he was the owner, Ted, and he reimbursed me for the vet visit and gave me a free engraved dog tag that states she is deaf. He also agreed to pay for the BAER hearing test for Lily. The test is tomorrow and I hope he didn't deceive us when he said he would reimburse us for the test and for the dog if she is deaf. Lily has been thoroughly evaluated by the vet and Petland was upfront about the fact that she might have a hernia. However, the vet found no hernias. The only thing that was found was Coccidia which is very common in puppies anyway. Petland has agreed to provide Albon to treat the infection at no cost so I will find out if that's true when I pick it up tonight. I'm guessing Ted is a new owner and he seems very concerned with ensuring the puppies are healthy and customers are happy. He even carried my bags to my car for me after I bought Lily a new bed and some sweaters. I did go to and get a free puppy report on Lily's breeder of record. The USDA has received no complaints about him and every shortcoming of his kennels was corrected in a timely fashion according to the report. Also the report shows only about 10 puppies sold to Petlands in the last few years so I do not think he is a large scale 'puppy mill'. Hopefully new management will turn Petland Monroeville around and help owners raise 'lifetime pets'.

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  • Mo
      Feb 28, 2011

    just because he carried your bags does not mean he cares about those puppies.they all come from brokers who get them from mills.if you took her to their vet, good luck.they pay him.take her to your vet.I hope you lucked out with a healty pet.but at least don't deny the fact that you also gave a large sum of money to a puppy farmer.petland sold you a sick pet but hey at least you got a free dogtag.

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  • Ca
      Apr 24, 2013

    If you have a facebook page please look us up! It's called BoycottPetland!!! My family is going through a horrible time with a dog we have purchased there. We wanted to start a FB community so people can share their story and try to get this place shut down!!! please if anything do it for your animal thats sick!

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