Petco / self serve dog treats

Denver,Colorado, United States

When I was selecting some of your select dog treats, I along with a couple other customers saw a fairly large cockroach crawl out of one of the containers. I realize these treats are for animals, but are the managers animalistic as well.l Additionally there was more product on carts in the isles and large stacks of product not on the shelves. I was looking and looking for a product and I finally found it on one of the submarine carts. I tried like hell to get someone to tell me how much and get one down for me. I finally got disgusted and loft the store. This was a mid-day Tuesday. Not crowded at all. Terrible service, disorganized store, unattentive service. I was in the store Sunday prior, and the exact same stuff was sitting in the same place. So crowded I left and decided to come back. I won't be back until your stores get organized and the service gets better. And get an exterminator for God's sake.
Please don't respond, I mean why bother. I plan to leave a review on the Better Business Bureau bulletin board. I used to be a fantastic customer. My family has many pets most from your store.
I will leave it you experts in customer service to figure out where the roaches were sighted. Nasty!
Sorry no pictures the roach wouldn't pose, and I didn't come to Petco for millionth time to be critical.

Jun 13, 2017

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