Petcogrooming incident

D Nov 28, 2017

My parents took our 9 month old dog to Petco for her Grooming. After a few hours the Groomer (Peter) called my dad to notify her that the dog was ruched to the Vet because he had lacerated her right lower eyelid. My family and I rushed to the Vet and was notified that my dog will need surgery to repair her eyelid. When it came to the surgery date Petco gave my parents the run around and my dog had to wait to have her surgery for at least 2 hours. I called Petcos complaint dept and also the corporate office and no one has been helpful nor act like this is a serious matter. This is the worse company I have ever came across and I will take further actions . Our dog is like our child and due to the negligence of the Groomer (Peter) at the Little Neck location my dog was severely injured. All we keep hearing is ( we are sorry). No follow up called were made to see how my dog is doing from either the store, the distract lead David nor the complaint board. This was an inconvenience to my elderly parents to have to drive at least 25 Miles back and forth to the Vet which is located in Long Island. This isn't a simple order mishap, this is a serious situation in which Petco does not show any remorse or has not offered any compensation for our troubles or suffering. I am truly disgusted with everyone from Petco. Case # 8505932

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