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I have been a regular customer for 3 years at Petco store located at 4161 N Harlem Ave, Norridge IL, 60706. I own a # tzu which weights about 20 pounds and have had a GREAT EXPERience there with all prior groomers up until this incident. I had an appointment scheduled for 5.30 pm on 05/16/2017 for dog grooming for which I arrived at the exact time. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the groomer whose name I believe is Stefanie V. Stefanie seemed to have been in a rush, since she made a warning comment how I needed to bring the dog earlier - apparently the dog needed 2.5 hours to be groomed. I am sorry but as a customer I am told by PETCO employee to arrive at that time when appointment is made initially. I am not aware how long it takes to groom the dog. Stefanie already seemingly irritated slammed the entrance "doggie door" as walking in and out though. The bang made the dog "pee" on the floor. I apologized for the inconvenience but Stefanie seemed to get more irritated already showing attitude towards the dog and me. Anyway - I proceeded to walk out and the groomer assured me when the dog is ready they would give me a call. I left the store at about 5.40 pm. At 6.25pm, I received a call from the groomer saying "We have a problem with the dog, we are not able to groom him". After asking why, she proceeded to explain how the dog's behavior is unacceptable and she spent 1 hour cleaning after him since he had been "making a mess". Upon me mentioning that I have never had issues before and that I noticed her horrible attitude upon arrival - I suggested she may have scared the dog so that could be a reason why the dog is behaving this way. Stefanie was slamming the "short doggie doors"... After she heard me making the comment, Stefanie proceeded to yell over the phone. At that time it was clear for me to let her know not to touch the dog anymore. I left immediately to go and pick the dog up with my fiancee. We arrived at the around 6.45 pm. Upon entering inside, Stefanie was nowhere to be seen. Instead another employee showed up - I believe her name is Amy C. I asked about the groomer and explained quickly the call I received from Stefanie. Amy informed me that the groomer is not there anymore she is actually the manager, which I thought was great given the situation. After all I was looking forward a reasonable explanation or apology for the wasted time since I have been a customer for a long time and I believe this behavior was completely unprofessional. Instead Amy also showing attitude, knowing prior what had happened and saying - "we are not going to accept your dog here anymore"..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago Heights, ILI was completely shocked. If someone is not able to deliver services because they do not have the skills for, thats fine but there were many other ways for this incident to be approached. Unfortunately, Amy also did not act professionally continuing to blame the dog, the behavior... etc confirming that Oreo will be no longer taken there. Even better - She had a "great suggestion solution" for me. She would have referred a friend who is doing grooming on a side "in her house"! Wow - let me get this straight - the reason why I seek and pay for grooming services is because I am not able to groom my own dog, I do expect to be treated as a customer for which I pay for. Instead of that, I am told by the professional PETCO team that they can not groom my dog (which they were able to till now), I am refused to be given a print history of my visit for all those years (I asked Amy a few time through out the conversation for it), I am told I am no longer wanted as a customer and I am offered to go to a "friends" house of Amy who would be grooming my dog? What a great way to keep PETCO business going. The conversation with Amy did not help as well so I asked again to be given history visitations as a customer and inquired to speak to a store manager. Amy replied the store manager is on break and she can not print history visits since the printer was broken. I was completely shocked by the way I was treated - with terrible attitude and disrespect. I told Amy I do not think we will agree and think the same way so it would be better off if we do not continue this conversation but I would appreciate if a store manager faces the situation. After that Amy proceeded to run by a passing by employee, who came along and presented himself as a manager - his name was Kyle N. Unfortunately Kyle was not of help as well. I asked for a corporate office phone number which he handed me a brochure for.
So - I believed I was a valued and satisfied customer for PETCO for many years. But whatever happened today and how the employees handled the situation was totally rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. It is not a customers fault that the appointment for a longer grooming dog was scheduled late, nor it is a customers fault that the employees have attitude at the work place that repulses the customers. It is not a customers fault that the employees are not skilled enough to perform their job nor it is a customers fault do be treated with such disrespect. After all thats why we pay - for the services we can't do ourselves. But moreover, employee, manager and a store manager did absolutely nothing to help the customer. Way to go PETCO.

May 16, 2017

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