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My complaint is on the store manager, Angie. The store is in Springfield Oregon. She made my friend and I wait for almost 30 minutes to run a refund because the coupons (that were still good for two more days) didn't work in the system and she was the only one that could perform the refund. She stood talking to a gentleman that was petting a cat that was up for adoption. The two cashiers went to tell her that we were waiting, but she didn't even acknowledge us. I purchased $81 of Science Diet cat food and the coupon would give me $10 for a $40 dollar or more purchased. When she finally came over she stated that they pulled the coupons because they didn't work in their system and the store wasn't getting reimbursement from the company for refunds. I said, and? The refund had to be inputted by hand. I told her that they were still good and that I wanted the refund. She was extremely curt and disrespectful to me. She yanked my bank card out of the machine and threw it on the counter by her register. She actually stomped her foot and made the same sound a three year old makes when they don't get what they want. She was slamming down so hard on the keys of the register I thought she would break it. I have never been treated this way and will pay more for our cats food somewhere else. My friend and I were so embarrassed. This was the worst customer service I've ever been subjected to and I have worked in this field for over 30 years. If she young her behavior might be easier to understand because of a lack of experience, but she is at least 40 years old, and in my and my friends opinion, has no place in a customer service position, especially not a management position. I will go out of my way to tell people about my horrible experience at your company. And by the way, I did not receive the refund in my bank account. This took place 3/30/17.

Mar 31, 2017

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