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LathamLatham, New York, United States

On Tuesday the 12th I made an appointment for the 16th at 630 to have my puppy groomed. Today is 9/16/2017, I had an appointment for my puppy at 6:30 pm with Makayla, I called back to confirm my appointment and asked them if they had an earlier appointment and they said let me check. So I was put on hold for a few minutes they then gave me an appointment for 5 and then said just a minute and ask an other employee a question if the groomer had enough time and said they didn't so they left the appointment for 6:30. On the day of I got another phone call and they left a message since I was not available. I got the message at 4:45 and called right back and said I can come in right now and was (put on hold again for about 3 minutes while I was getting ready to leave A S A P. Amy got on the phone and said they changed my appointment for 5 pm and put another appointment in that place and never notified me except to say if I could come in at 6 they would take me. But then Amy said they would have never made an appointment for 6:30. I said sorry but it was for 6:30 and again she repeated to me but we would have not made an appointment for 6:30. So I said look whether you would have not made an appointment for that time is was made for that time because I tried to get an earlier appointment but they couldn't give me one because the groomer didn't have enough time to finish her other appointment so I kept 6:30. After telling her I didn't make up the time or lie about it she said I didn't say you were lying. Sorry but she did in so many words. Then she said would you like me to reschedule the appointment. I said I would call you back. They just lost a customer not only as a groomer appointment but it will be the last time I will buy my animals food, treats, bones their. I don't need to be treated like that and I am going to find some place else. Bad service

Sep 16, 2017

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