Pet Smart Fort Smith Arkansas / the store manager lynn and her little black girl buddy very rude and cursing

Fort Smith, AR, United States
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This complaint is about the store manager lynn and her lil buddy girl I guess an assistant manager I think for lack of I better term and I hate to use this term the black girl I dont know her name. About a month ago my wife was in there shopping for our dog and cat as always and asked the lynn lady a question and she pointed and walked away and mummbeled something derogotory under her breath to her my wife put down the stuff and left never to return. I went in today to try again and use the pet smart store since it is close to the company I have owned for over 30 years in the same place also its close to our home. I was looking for a specfic brand of food when I approached the 2 women and asked for help they acted like I wasent even there so I spoke up and asked politly where I could find the special dog food she said in a rude tone of voice its over there and pointed as I walked off I heard her say I hate #ing people like that so I asked here what she said and she told me it was none of my business and proceeded to keep chatting with the other employee. While I was in the store I watched as she was rude to other customers and cussing out employees, and this is not the first time my wife or I or many of our friends have been treated this way by her and the other girl nor heard her cuss at customers and employees. It is uncalled for in business period!!! I have found 2 people in the store one is a girl named chanel that is a manager and very sweet and helpful everytime we have ever came in im sure she has been cursed and yelled at too by lynn and the other is a younger guy of middle eastern desent misial I think is his name super friendly and very helpfull. We will not be back to that store untill action has been taken on the black girl and the store manager lynn she needs to be fired or demoted period!!! I hope this wakes the company up and they will see how much business that this lynn woman is running out of the store. She is lucky my wife walked out or it would not have been good for her, she is still mad to this day about 30 years of business I have had 2 complaints on my salesmen and I fired them both on the spot!!! please let me know when this situation is rectified. Thanks, concerend customer..

May 9, 2017

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