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I needed tires for my car and kept putting it off as my busy schedule kept hacking away at my time. On the weekend I went to a local strip mall to a market and when I came out I had a flat. There was Pep Boys right next door to the market so having not much of a choice I had them put on four new tires. The price, which included new valve stems, was about what I expected to pay at the place I usually go for tires and I was going to get rid of the car in a few months anyway. They tried to include a front end alignment for 39.99 more and I told them to forget and just put on tires. They said it would be ready in one hour which was fine, so I was just going to hang out and wait...Well 15 minutes later the tech that was working on my car walks up to Jack in the Box and comes back with his lunch...So much for one hour. Two and a half hours later it's ready.
When I checked the work out the valve stems were so short that in order to put air in the tires you had to remove the trim ring on the rim...WT[censored] I pointed this out to the manager and he said those were the stems that were priced out and if I wanted longer stems I would have to pay labor to R&R the tires and the new stem cost. I mean they couldn't see this? We are talking valve stems here, not rocket science and the tech should have spotted this. I would have paid the difference. I gave them a huge ration in front of a lot of customers and left. I would not buy a shop rag from them now.

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      22nd of Feb, 2013

    its pretty ridiculous trying to charge you more for longer valve stems (provided that' all they are is longer and not some high-pressue or chrome plated variety). Yes the tire guy should have noticed this. Alignments are usually recommended by most shops when tires are installed.

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