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Took my truck in for a tire repair. Ask the service writer if rhey pluged or patch the tire from the inside, he we take the tire off the rim and patch from the inside I said I'm fine with thats thats what I want. Looking around in side the store I noticed my truck out front. Being in the mechanics field most of my life I knew it was way to fast to have been patched. So I ask the service writer if it was he said yes. I told I'm going to take my truck back home dismount the tire and found it was just plug do after putting my spare on my truck I drove back there and talked to the service writer again about the plug he said that is the way pepBoys repair there tire and is the proper way so after 4 hours of b/s I finally got my tire fixed at sears. I will puch my truck 5 miles before walking back in a pepBoys

Jan 9, 2017

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