Pep Boys Foley, AL / Tire "rotation"

Foley, AL, United States
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Dear Sir or Madam:

I went to the Pep Boys store on Highway 59 in Foley, Alabama a few weeks ago. I went to get my oil changed and my tires rotated.

This was a first visit for this car, and I asked the man at the counter to make sure that all the sensors (oil life, tire pressure) were also updated. More on that later.

Things went quickly and I paid for the service (the man at the counter added a $30 lifetime tire rotation service, only asking me if I wanted it AS he was taking my money) and turned right on Highway 59. Immediately, I heard a thumping sound from my driver's side rear. I executed a right and drove around the block on low-speed streets back to the store, and explained the problem. The technician said my “mud flap” (no such thing on the Chevy Cruze) was touching the wheel, and they could not fix the problem. The technician did not put my car on the lift.

The car did not have this problem when I drove to the store.

I have driven the car a few weeks and the problem has NOT gone away. If fact, it seems to be getting worse. Somehow, my car was damaged by your employees. And remember that I said that I wanted the sensors updated? My oil life sensor was not updated. I did that myself., but it is apparent that my tires either were not rotated, or the sensors were not changed and no longer accurately reflect tire pressure. One tire was reading a little low; I think that tire may have a very slow leak, and guess what? The same tire is reading low in the same place. Amazing.

I want my car repaired to remove the thump, at your expense. I want the sensors repaired on my car. I want the “lifetime tire rotation” fee refunded. Be assured I am not coming back.

Sincerely, ,
Donna Riley-Lein

Aug 05, 2016

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