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Chino Hills and Rowland height, CA, United States Review updated:

I always skeptic about Pepboys all these years because they are OVERPRICE
But, I decide give it a try when I saw the ad for 29 minutes oil change plus $13 rebates

Yesterday, I went to Pep Boys in Rowland Height for oil change. After waiting for 15 minutes, Finally, Someone asked me what do i need.
"Oil change" I said. The employees told me, "You have to wait for 1.5 hours for that? WHAT!!!
What happened with 29 minutes? ... It is count at the time they pull in the car... but for now... you have to wait 1.5 hours...
Come on...

This morning, I went to another Pep boys in Chino hills for same reason. I talked to one employee named JOE. He might be the manager for that department
SAME THING! 29 minutes becomes 2 hours. WHAT!!!
JOE said: They have 3 CARS ahead of me for the oil change., ...

1. WHAT 29 minutes sign for?. I better go to Wal-mart "across the street" -- at least they are certainly changed it for less than 1 hours
2. 3 CARS oil change = 2 hours? HOLLY MOLLY...Do you know how to manage a store???. I closed my store the next day.. if I am the owner...
3. PEP-BOYS employee are working TOO SLOW

DO NOT need to spend another minute on these store.

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  • Su
      30th of Sep, 2010

    no you should know something about cars you idiot, and oil change only takes 29mins for some cars, some of them you have to pretty much remove a lot of skid plates before getting access to anything, also engines are hot, if you want your car done in 29 minutes you do it yourself and get burnt, me personally if im doing and oil change and the car is pipping hot and the customer wants it done right away, guess what hes gonna hear from, go [censored] yourself

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  • Mo
      15th of Jan, 2011

    That's just how the public is about knowing nothing when it comes to cars. It's sad that they bring it to you for service, which they don't do for a living, then everything you tell them is quickly refused. The sad part is if half of these people that come to Pep Boys know so much about cars, first why are they bringing it to us, second, why don't they fix it themselves? People in the automotive industry get no respect. We have windows where they can see out in the shop, we let them stand out by the bays and we have cameras all over. Hmmmm I don't think dealerships have that freedom for customers to see all that. Wonder why???

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