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I have just enrolled in penn fosters school and i did not recieve my materials for my study. I called them and told them what happened and they told me that they would reship it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Louisville, KYWell weeks go buy and of course they send me a bill. I told my self i would not pay for something i did not recieve . Now they are sending me letters that i owe this and that and treating my credit. I do not think that is right why should i pay for something i did not recieve?

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  • Ju
      Aug 19, 2008

    I had to wade through multiple pages searching for an honest opinion on Penn Foster. Seems all the opinion pages have been messed with in that you can't access them. Every page had something to do with Penn Foster posted by Penn Foster, which leads me to believe that Penn Foster is attempting to cover something up. Contact your Attorney General's Office and file a complaint. I would do a spell check before sending out any further correspondence.

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  • He
      Mar 09, 2009

    I am a current student of Penn Foster. My class is extremely disorganized. They change the class schedule over and over and no notice is given. I have to adjust my real job schedule to accommodate. The teacher tells people over and over she has too many students and is tired of all the emails. They are rude to people and make you feel stupid for "bothering" them.

    They have a participation requirement that is completely unclear. They make you spend time reading about teenage girls face book pages in order to make a participation grade.

    The school is a Joke and judging by the quality of the other student this degree would carry no weight.

    To bad they don't allow you to cancel as I will be out $1000 for almost no education. Their techniques were outdated and the books were flimsy booklets with no meat to them.

    Steer clear folks, if your unhappy your screwed they charge a hefty cancellation fee.

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  • Pi
      Apr 07, 2009

    I am also a student at Penn Foster and I have been fighting with these people for 3 months. They are very disorganized...their materials do not correlate with the exams. My shipments are always late. It is taking them longer an longer to grade my exams. When I do complain they will not respond or when they do the response has nothing to do with the question I ask. They mark answers wrong and will not change them even when you prove you are right. The instructors have a bad attitude and they defend each other. I have an English tutor with a masters degree and they say she does not know what she is talking about. I paid my fee in full and I can't wait to get this class complete. This is the worst experience I have ever had taking a class.

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  • Ho
      Jun 25, 2011

    I attended penn foster over 9 years ago and cancelled my enrollment and sent their stuff back to them and they are still on my back about it.
    The statute of limitation ran out on the credit reporting act 2 years ago and it should have been removed from my credit report but, these scam artists at penn foster somehow are now claiming that i enrolled this year when ive had nothing to do with them since i cancelled.
    The fact of the matter they are out to ruin peoples credit even if they pay what is in the writing.
    I have all the proof and will be in contact with my lawyer and the proper government agencies about this and with any luck a class action will follow.
    I would report them through the BBB but, From what i read the BBB and Penn Foster are in the same bed so to speak and will just close the case instead of investigating the issue.

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