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For a slogan that is Viewed To Be the Best, it sure isn't in the $2, 000 i spent. I view them to be the WORST windows I've ever seen.

Okay we order Pella windows at Lowe's after scrutinizing over the different brands and sample windows. Wait over a month to get my special order delivered.

Then the excitement begins...built a frame for window one, square it up, install it and window fits perfectly. As I'm holding window while screwing in place I notice the gray caulking between the panes of glass just stops about 4 inches below the top right hand corner and I am actually viewing the metal track or frame in the glass.

After securing the window I immediately call Pella and explain this ... the lady I spoke with agreed that it sounded like I had a problem. She told me that the glass is replaceable and will have a tech call to schedule a appointment, so she assures me its okay to install all 9 windows and they would fix the glass.

Okay after waiting a week we finally get a tech 2 months after I called...does it really take them 2 months to fix their problems???? Needless to say it is now over 2 months later Pella guy came and went...he said that is where they put the code for the window like a serial number and all their windows are like that...I question how these windows seal up... and of course thats ok too. Management calls back like 2 days later to ask what they can do for me I said obviously rob me blind. So now I can look out my half-*ss built windows to see different things and numbers in the window and some have globs of gray caulking between the panes.

I know the outside of the panes of glass are supposed to be "sealed" to hold in the gasses(Low E) so what is the inside caulking for? Double barrier?? It can't be when it isn't all the way around. Or is that what is supposed to be holding the gasses in? Maybe this is the problem with everyone's Pella windows. Other Pella window owners please check your windows and post back comments or similar issues. Im sure Im not the 1st person to notice this like the Pella guy said.

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  • Da
      Nov 24, 2012

    After spending $1400.00 for pella thermastar series 20. I am now replacing all of them after 4 yrs old. The window frames are built, they place a piece of double sided 1/4" tape into the face of the sash, then the glass is installed. That is all that is holding and sealing the glass in. If you have these windows, press on the glass at the wind sash edge and look for the glass to separate from the sash. You take a thin prybar and pop out the outter trim to see for yourself how cheap the windows are. I am now changing all these windows once again but this time with jeld-wen from Menards. Very pleased with these windows. Do not sweat as the thermastar installed in the same room and are better built.. When an item is listed as "exclusive" to a store, then you can bet it's cheaply built to maximize profits!!!

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