Pegasus Airlines / customer service and refund wasn't given


During my last flight with your company, Pegasus have damaged my baggage (the bigger suitcase, which is being sent).
I've approached the lost property office at the airport, and requested for a documentation for this event.
Also, please check a photo of the damaged suitcase.
The type/model of the suitcase is:
I've showed the suitcase to the local shop that sells and provides warranty & service for the suitcase, but they refused to provide service, as this clearly a physical damage (not covered by warranty).
Also, they said that the suitcase CAN'T be repaired, as the wheel has broken in such a way, that it bent the internal channel that holds the wheel.
Please provide me a refund for the damage caused by your company.

P.S Attached:
1. scanned documentation from the airport personal.
2. photos of the broken part of the suitcase.
3. HTTP:// - price (100 EURO). This suitcase was purchased at a local distributor, and the actual price in NIS was higher.

Because of a problem on pegasus website, i've called the company directly, explained the problem (That I can't submit a complaint on their [censor] website) and the representative simply said "I can't help you" and dropped the line.

Oct 25, 2017

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