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Pegasus Airlines complaints 126

Jul 25, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - service and customer care

I had a booking for my Travel from Bangalore to Goa on 15-Jul-2016 13:15 hrs by Air Pegasus. I was supposed to travel for my son's exam scheduled in Goa on 16-Jul-2016 8 AM. Booking Ref - LSBAJQ It...

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Jun 16, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - delayed flight from gatwick to istanbul to dalaman - turkey

I have logged 2 complaints with this airline regarding 2 unacceptable flight changes and to get a refund of £14.00 for a seat that I booked on the 28th May 2016 for flight PC542. I had a generic reply just under 3 weeks ago. Since then I have tried to log another complaint when I returned from my holiday on the 14th June. I tried to contact their customer relations number - [protected] - which is either consistently engaged at all hours and then it cuts off. I have also made several attempts to e-mail them again but it won't accept complaint messages from my iPad which it previously had! I had to cancel my return flight with Pegasus because of the flight changes and re book with another airline a whole day later at extra cost. Pegasus did refund my return flight. My Pegasus flight was delayed by 1 hour at Gatwick on the 29th May and then 2 hours in Istanbul. I was getting a connecting flight to Dalaman but there was no suitable explanation for the delay. I was getting a transfer to my resort from Dalaman but it didn't wait and I had to make my own way at my own expense very late at night which was totally unacceptable. It has been impossible to get a reasonable and swift response from this company. Judging by the comments by the Turkish people travelling on my flight, the delays and lack of information were consistent with this airline, so I will not be flying with them again.

May 30, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - flight to bodrum

Booked a direct flight to Bodrum from Gatwick. Drove and stayed over night in London. Paid for car parking. Arrived at Gatwick confirmed direct flight. Went through security then looked for boarding gate to discover we were flying to Manchester ! Ironic as that's only 2 hours from where we live. Then sat and hour on the Tarmac before taking off, flight 45 mins to Manchester no apology no drink very bad service, will not use again and recommend no one else does. Very bad customer care, bad service, bad flight, DO NOT USE this conpany


Pegasus Airlines - smokers on our flight back from turkey to bahrain (sabiha airport to bahrain international airport)

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to make a complaint about my flight back to Bahrain from Sabiha Airport on Fly Pegasus No. (48BMB3).

On the flight, all the way to Bahrain and for a duration of five hours, some passengers were actually smoking, on the almost full flight passengers. A large number of passengers were actually youngsters, (mostly children)This happened while after we took off from Sabiha airport. The smell was too strong that we were unable to breathe properly, because it seemed that the smoking passengers were not sitting too far away from our seats.

We called the stewart and told her about the problem, she took a round to find the smokers, but failed to find them as they were obviously hiding their shameful act, she took around again yet failed to discover who were smoking. She used the air refresher to cover the smoking smell, but it was way too strong.

This was for the entire duration of the five hours flight, and no one else was able to do anything until the time of our arrival at Bahrain International Airport.

I am extremely shocked and devastated from this act, and I believe that there should be a legal action taken against it, as to my knowledge the flight should have strict policies towards smoking and smokers, with valid smoke detectors spread across the plane.

Knowing that Bahrain implies strict measures against smoking and smokers, this was the biggest disappointment to all the passengers, specifically children.

I would appreciate if you would connect me to the department in charge, or deliver my complaints to the intended authority.

Thanks in advance.


Afnan Abdulaziz
Mobile: +[protected]

Pegasus Airlines - flight cancelled without notification nor reimbursement

I spent my winter holiday in Southern Russia and flew there from Europe via Istanbul. I flew Pegasus on a return ticket: to Russia on December 25th, 2015 and back from Russia on January 12th, 2016. Pegasus obviously had my phone number; they claimed later (see below) that they didn’t have my email address, as I had bought my ticket through another site; I find such a miscommunication of client information funny…
Anyway, after my holiday, I arrived at Krasnodar airport on the 12th of January, 3.00 AM. I was supposed to fly at 5.00 AM. I was immediately told by the security people that the flight to Istanbul was cancelled; I asked why and what I should do, they just told me to go to the airport building and address the information counter. There, I was told that the Pegasus flights had been cancelled for days and that every morning some people would show up and find themselves in the same situation as me. Of course, no Pegasus counter around, you’re on your own. Another funny detail: the Russian regulations being quite tight for immigration, I was given my tourist visa according to my exact traveling days by the tourist agency; in other words, the day I was traveling out of Russia was the last day of validity of my visa. Overstay in Russia is as follow: you are put to jail and from there you try to get in touch with your Consul, with very little assistance, no food, a cup of tea if a cleaning lady pities you, and you’d better speak Russian. Plus, you are black listed and will never be given another Russian visa, which is not possible for me. So, in Krasnodar airport, I realized I had about 20 hours to leave the country, preferably to my final destination (Belgrade, Serbia).
Buying a last minute ticket isn’t easy, nor cheap. It took me a good 40 minutes and 350 Euros to get a Aeroflot flight through Moscow; and my Russian is quite good, my documents are all OK and my credit card clean. So, with this new solution, I had to wait in Krasnodar till 11.00 AM, yes my friend, 8 hours in total, plus another 6 hours in Moscow. We arrived in Moscow in the middle of a snow storm; the flight out was scheduled at 20.30; a delay due to weather conditions and again I was overstaying in Russia. Luckily we departed on time and I arrived safely in Belgrade, my final destinations, after traveling an extra 12 hours, paid an extra 350 Euros and missed a very important day at the job. Thank you Pegasus. My forced waiting in Moscow allowed me to check the internet; I realized that Pegasus was not flying to Russia since the very first days of January because of administrative complications, some kind of sanctions the Russian government took against Turks traveling to Russia (including flying staff), probably caused by the fact that a Russian plane had been shot down by the Turks in Syria, early December 2015. I also took the time to write a message to Pegasus, through their very not user-friendly website (at least when it comes to complains); I was just explaining the situation, I wrote that I understand the overall political situation and expressed my dissatisfaction about the fact that I was left with no info and no support; I was also claiming a reimbursement. This message was not answered for 2 weeks. Before writing more, I want to specify that, having heard of the diplomatical stress between the 2 governments, I specifically wrote to Pegasus (2 weeks before departure) asking them if the flights would be maintained; they replied that I would fly as planned, no problem.
Then I wrote another message, that was answered in very blurry English. It was not their fault; absolutely no argument. I wrote again (in total 8 times). After 3 exchanges, I was advised to call their call center in Turkey; the operator told me I would be reimbursed the return flight Pegasus did not performed; at least that much I thought… But I never saw the color of the money. It kept on going, with me developing arguments and them answering totally superficially when not downright out of the point and always in barely understandable English. My point was to ask why they didn’t communicate with me. They finally replied that they did, a SMS was sent to me but failed (here, I quote them): probably oriental logic; for them that was good enough, they did communicate with me. Of course, I wrote again, but they can’t get the absurdity of their answer; I also asked to verify the phone number they have, as they were blaming me for not providing a valid phone number. They actually had the very exact number, except the + you put before ANY international phone number, and which you can’t type on the website when you buy your ticket, as it is so standard that it is on the page itself for absolutely all phone numbers. If that isn’t hypocrisy…. !
I then realized I was getting nowhere with these people. I started reading about them online. I guess not being alone having had problems with Pegasus (to say the least) makes me feel better. Anyway, I will never see my money back, but that, I guess this is the price of the lesson that could save me some more money in the future: never fly Pegasus again!

Mar 21, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - online ticketing

I had booked a ticket from Amsterdam to Beirut online on 08 March 2016 and was provided with the confirmation number as 2T47XC. the flight was to depart from Amsterdam on 04 April 16. On 17 March I...

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Feb 26, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - purchase failure on company website, money not reimbursed

on January the 28th I have attempted to buy a return flight for AMS-IST-AMS and the departure was supposed to happen on Sunday, January the 31st;
filled in all details and selected to pay through IDEAL, did pay the amount and as last step was routed back to the website what threw an error without any details whatsoever but the money was deducted from my bank account.
neither did I receive any notification over email, or a call that this attempt has failed and my ticket got canceled.

the same evening (28/1) I called the call center and informed them about the problem and urgency of my flight since a family member was going to have a surgery, the call center representative (Bahri) could not help me and mentioned that only after 24hrs I could raise a ticket in order to claim my money back.

after that 24hrs had past, on January the 29th I called the call center again, talked to Furkan and attempted to raise a case, I was advised to do that through the website of, so I did. I have filed my case in English and attached a screendump of the financial transaction what took place the day before for the ticket I did not get.

on January the 31st I called the UK call center of Pegasus and talked with Şahin in order to understand if they have received my request with number 1581003, what the progress was and if there was something else I was ought to do. The gentlemen confirmed that my request was received and nothing else was to be done from my side and that the financial team is supposed to work on my case.

I have waited until February the 8th, nothing was moving and called the UK call center of Pegasus again and have talked to Hatice. We went through the entire procedure again and she registered my case with two PNR numbers now, telling me also that the finance department will pick my case up and the money I had paid for a ticket I did not get should be paid back.

another week had passed in silence and I have called the call center in the UK again on February the 15th. My call was initially answered by Nurdan and also now, we had to go through the same procedure again of what had happened and so on and eventually I was redirected to another colleague of hers named Sinan, since my case was declared in English, she couldn't help me further. Also with the gentlemen Sinan we went through the same sequence again and he told me that the finance department will proceed further with my request, claiming my money back for a ticket what was not delivered when paid over IDEAL.

another week later, on February 22nd I called the UK call center number again, talked to Murat and asked for the status of my case (PC 1581003). The call center representative called with some people in the finance department and I was told that my bank account number was not known (and of course no one did contact me that, if it would have been true, to ask what it would be). It appeared that the screendump attached to my case was not read, or understood, so I pointed out that the account information is in the screendump, luckily the screendump was still attached to my complaint request and the gentlemen looked into it when I asked if he sees my bank account number. Unfortunately he couldn't see the right information so I supported him in interpreting the screendump correctly.
To be sure, since this goes as clumsy as clumsy can be, I have raised another complaint ticket (PC 1604786) specifying my bank account number with its IBAN so they can link it to the initial complaint and my money is being reimbursed.

so, dear Pegasus Airlines, please get your act together and pay me the amount back for a ticket I never received when paying with IDEAL. Today it's February the 26th, almost one month later of the initial complaint and zero progress.

Feb 15, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - lost luggage

my name is Maggie I flew in from ercan on the 5 off febuary 2016 when I landed at Stansted I went to pick up my case which was not there I spoke to the luggage people to make a report they told me to ring the next day as it might come in on the next flight rang for the rest off the week which has cost me over a 100 pound to be told they still have not found it all my clothes I pad I phone were in my case all my make up shoes all my clothes I had bought for a wedding I was going to in Ireland I have had to replace all my clothes which has cost me hundards off pound I did not have to spend I had presents for my children which I have lost it has made me so upset that they have lost all my stuff and nobody seem to care all I been told is go out and buy new ones and pegusus will pay I had so much personal stuff in my case and now it gone it has been so stress full as I had my clothes for a wedding I was going to in Ireland i cannot under stand where my case is gone i have had to spend money i dident have i want to be refund for all my stuff that was in my case and what i had to buy flight number was pc501 luggage number stnpc12478 email address is [protected]

Feb 13, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - lost luggage

Sent from my Windows Phone
From: Julie Hull
Sent: ‎08/‎02/‎2016 14:40
To: guest.[protected]
Subject: Lost suitcase

Julie Hull
43 Salisbury Street

Ticket number - [protected]

Flight numbers:

21/1/2016 - London to Gatwick : PCO542
21/1/2016 - Istanbul to Sharm el Sheikh via Hurgada : PC5596

To whoever it may concern,

I would like to make a complaint regarding my lost suitcase.

When I bought my ticket from Budgetair it did not state anywhere on my e ticket I would be flying from Istanbul to Sharm el Sheikh via Hurgada. If I had known this I would have not bought this ticket.

After spending over an hour on the tarmac I arrived in Sharm el Sheikh but my luggage did not.

I reported this to a member of staff at the airport and completed a lost property form. I then spent my 10 days holiday ringing airports and airlines but kept being fobbed off and everyone 'passing the buck' .

My holiday which I had obviously saved for and was looking forward to was totally ruined. I had no clothes or toiletries so had to stay in the flat I had rented at a cost of £450 . I also hired a car which cost me £350 that stayed parked up . I could not use it as I wear contact lenses and the cleaning solution was in my suitcase. Not being able to clean them meant I couldn't wear them. I also have occular hypertension and use beta blocker drops daily. This drops were also in my suitcase. Not using them for 10 days I ran the risk of my pressures rising which can cause damage to the optic nerve.

I am disappointed and very upset with Pegasus airlines. You have a responsibility to care for our luggage. You take the money fast enough. You ruined my holiday and I will never book a flight with you again. My suitcase which had apparently been on a plane going back and forth between Istanbul and Hurgada turned up on the day I was due to go home.

I have made a complaint to the Civil Aviation Authority through Sharm el sheikh airport but also look forward from a response from you asap. Hopefully with an apology and an offer of compensation for your incompetence

I hope to hear from you ASAP

Julie Hull

Jan 19, 2016

Pegasus Airlines - not getting my bag as they said

I have travelled from England to sharm el sheikh on 18th of Jan 2016 they told me my bag will be in sharm before I get there got in the flight had a big delay in istumbul cuz of bad weather which is okay got to sharm more than 3 hours late ok my bag not there so they told me in the airport we will check and get back to u as as possible gave me form to fill and number to call number put me on hold for ages no answer then sharm airport said found my bag in hurgada as we had to stop there one more stop in way from London to turkey then hurghada which hurghada was not Wat I booked for any way they won't let the airport to send me my bag and has to send it from hurghada to turkey again which 4 days later first flight then to sharm instead of sending it from hurghada to Sharm which cud take an hour so I sent them 3 emails and each time a recorded msg back saying we will investigate and get back to u as soon as possible no more I explained that I have cancer and all my medication r in this bag and still same no answer and no one car so now I have no medicine no cloth to wear and still a bad service and no one cares is that right ?is it not your mistake that my bag stopped in hurghada and didn't come to sharm as I booked and as you said will be there before I get there and is it right to send it back again to turkey all way long then sharm and not to sharm direct ?answer my pegusas is that what you call it a good service is that what I paid for to your company to use it and don't care about your customers. ...

Dec 13, 2015

Pegasus Airlines - will never refund you!

I bought a menu before my flight. Since Pegasus has written a wrong name on the menu, they didn't give it. I called customer relations, and wrote complaints over their website two times without any response. If it was my child who were flying for 5-10 hours, it's clear that they wouldn't have given his menu. I am staying as far as I can from Pegasus Airlines.

Dec 01, 2015

Pegasus Airlines - lost my baggage, refusing to compensate

Pegasus lost my bag on a trip 2 months ago. The company is refusing to compensate me even though I provided all my proof and required documents. Every time I call them all they tell give me awful excuses and require me to send documents over and over again. I wouldn't pay $1 to fly with them. Avoid at all costs!

Oct 15, 2015

Pegasus Airlines - refund of a flexible ticket

I purchased a flexible ticket from pegasus airlines (they call it an Extra Package, PNR: QZM800, on 25.10.2015). I bought it because I knew I might need to change the date. I tried changing the date...

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Pegasus Airlines - diving equipment luggage fee (!)

I am writing to request a refund for unnecessary baggage charges for “special equipment” during check-in to my return flight from Sharm-el Sheikh to Istanbul on the 28th of September 2015. My...

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Sep 14, 2015

Pegasus Airlines - damaged baggage and zero attention!

We took a flight from Paris on 14th of August. At our destination, when we took the bags, we found out that the one bag was completely broken. At the airport, one of the staff member's filled in a...

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Jul 29, 2015

Pegasus Airlines - cancelled booking and extorted money at the airport

First time dealing with this company. Booked online directly on their website and received a confirmation of the flight, etc. exactly as expected. Then, the day comes to fly and the check-in agent at the airport informs me that my booking has been cancelled! I was never informed of any issue and I certainly did not initiate the cancellation. Anyway, with my confirmed ticket and reservation number it should be possible to rebook my original itinerary and get on with it. But nooooo... the airport staff stated that the only way to fly as I originally booked would be to buy a new ticket on the spot, at whatever rates are being offered! I was forced to buy a ticket at twice the price I had originally booked, for exactly the same flights. This amounts to extortion by Pegasus Airlines and will not be tolerated. Preying on customers in this way is illegal and I will be pursuing a full redress.

Jun 26, 2015

Pegasus Airlines - flight ticket cancelled without email notice!

On May 5, I bought a plane ticket for 100 USD to go from Tel Aviv to Istanbul on May 20. Later, I got a e-mail confirmation with a PNR number. When I arrived to the airport, I found out my flight had been cancelled. The call center said my bank declined the transaction so they cancelled the ticket. The issue is that they never sent me a WRITTEN cancellation notice by email. I have submitted a complaint, but their defense is that their policy is only to call, not to send a notice email. They tried calling me and they could not reach me. I cannot believe this is legal. Why not send a written notice? This has happened to me before and other airlines always notify me by email. On top of that, and to their convenience, I had to buy another ticket from Pegasus that same day for 223 USD. There was also a couple from Brazil with exactly the same issue, and they also had to buy another ticket that same day!

Pegasus Airlines - fraudulent action

What a joke, happened that you took money out of my credit card on the 13/08/2014 and is happening still today that you answer to my request with lies, telling me some details is missing, telling me I didn't send my credentials and telling that still I must wait, After all this time I have send you 30 request for my refund, and you are still telling me that I will have to send you again my credentials, and beside that you tell me that is not your department that is dealing with this issue, and still tell me that is because the summer thing that there is too much delay, I can tell you that I have spent 70GBP already if not more calling your customer service, listening to your customer service lies all the time, everybody seem to help, but none can do anything so I wonder how and when I will get my money refunded, because this is really ridiculous, how can you take money from credit cards without owners permission, and not even rush up to give refund, to me this is calling stealing. In the mean time I would like to thank you for the time you spend with me at the phone, which is at least 30 min a day, really appreciate how you fill my days with wonderful lies, and of course I understand that you must be so busy to refund an amount of 140GBP just by clicking a button, I'm sure is a hard to work when is about of giving what you have taken without permission. I imagine I will receive another email anytime soon asking me again for my credentials, and afterword I'm so sure that once again I will ear "Sir there is nothing I can do, or like Sir you issue is in progress because we are dealing with october issues now, eh eh funny thing is, my issue started 13th of august 2014, but I understand is only been not less than 67 days, and of course not even God knows when you will have time to refund me. I hope you haven't fixed the issue on your website so you can still take money out of customers cards without any permission, so your bank account rises more interest on your money, and I do seriously hope you don't change the way you give training to your customer service, because they seriously do a great job for your company, and of course I really hope that all this happening to me and so many other customers, I really do hope it will never happen to any of you in this great company.And I must say I really hope you have a pleasant time dealing with your issues, because I really do have a great time wasting money and time with you.

Oct 31, 2018

No reply to my daughter's previous written complaint 3 weeks ago
The email of my daughter who has made the complaint is:
email: [email protected]


Booking reference/4FW7UI..flight number:pc1165 with Pegasus Airline on 28/08:2017 at 13:05..Sabiha istanbul -London Stn...the pushchair locker &stand has broken which prevent using it, wen i recieved back in london stansted..
With my regards
Herow Abdulla


why i am not getting email id in your website for emailing any purpose

My name is Abdullah Abdulsalam Mohammed I took one ticket from Istanbul to Izmir
but when i checked my account I realized that the payment was made twice though I got only one ticket. and I want to get my many back please, the ticket price was 211, 99TL FOR ONE TICKET.

And so it happen that this is not the first time for Pegasus Airline Flypgs, does fraudulent actions on customers, and well is been happening from a long time I can say as I can see from this link, and as I can see from this other link seems like Pegasus Airline does not even respect IATA rules. and plenty other reviews.
So yes, what is been happening to me is: on the 13/08/2014 I was trying to purchase a ticket from with destination London to Ankara return ticket. Unfortunately for me, their website was not allowing me to purchase any ticket, (due to a faulty something) but was still acting fraudulently on my credit card, the website was processing the purchase, with the only issue that at the end of the purchase was appearing: “bank declines your transaction.” So as I didn’t know they were actually stealing money, I tried to purchase another ticket, I remember I tried 3 or 4 times, without realizing they were already taking money from my account. So after 4 times I purchased a ticket with Turkish Airlines, and it did went well. As you know you can’t really see what happening on your credit card statement in real time, you need to wait at least 48 hours to see what you have been charged in the previous days. However, when I realized I was charged from Pegasus Airline for 3 tickets, for the sum of 1000GBP only, without receiving any tickets, I start to call their customer service. Let's say, a really nice customer service, but with the lack of knowing what customer service is (or maybe I have different idea of what it is), they were all trying to help, but no one could do anything useful, ending with “Sir you have to write trough the website, (knowing that is a faulty web site) sending us a request, and we will process it”. So I did, and still after a week, never received a response. So then I tried to call them up, and this time I had something I could refer, my request reference number. Well, the customer service replies to me, we are processing. Anyway this thing goes on for at least 3 weeks, and still no refund, no response, only a bunch of wonderful stories from those well trained Pegaus airline’s customer service. Well, it happen, that after a month a check my credit card statement, and guess what? I’ve been charged of another 2 tickets, one on the 29/08/2014 78.21GBP and on the 30/08/2014 74.22GBP for flights that I never bought. Ah! Now that’s not stealing, I think was my credit card voluntarily giving out money to Pegasus Airline. I’m sure of it, as I’m so generous. So let’s call them up again, and again I hear “Sir there is nothing I can do for you, it’s the financial department that deals with this issue, but you can write trough the website etc. etc.”. So let's write again, and 1182358, 1185733, 1171026 are few of the request number since I started to write, there is plenty more, and all with the same text in the message, a part from the ones dated after the 29/08/2014. So lets call the up again, to count I already spent as for today 70GBP in phone calls. So again: “Sir, I can’t see any of your request, you need to write again to us, or Sir is missing your IBAN or BIC number, which I sent probably 25 times already, or Sir is missing the date on when the accident happened, or Sir is missing the amount of money you have been charged, Sir the financial department is dealing with your issue, pointless to say when I asked a contact for this department there was no contact, but I remember a lady, Niam was her name, so kind she was calling me back on the 15/08, surprisingly when I spoke with her on 20/10/2014 she still remember me and she was feeling so into help me that she was going to do more than the best to help me out, and she did said again, Sir I will call you straight away it with the problem solved, and another one Emre is name, he was even going to refund me straight away and all this wonderful stories. Now, I think although I’m brainless, and as they said I haven’t sent my credentials and stuff, don’t they have an electronic system where all details and things are stored? Or they still use pen and paper? I understand Pegaus Airline is not as advanced as any other flight company in Europe, oh no wait I’m wrong, they are way more advanced from any other one in Europe eh eh they can take money from your bank account without even permission… Ah lets say, definitely Pegasus Airline is an advanced and developed company, the best experience you can have in life, I really do suggest to use this company to friends family and every body else. So it seems like that as for today, 70 days after, there is still no answer, no refund, no solution, but wait, MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE, there is something more awesome than that, there is Pegasus Airlines kindness, their wonderful advices, their professionalism, yes because they do are very professional, they do work hard for their company, so the company can take your money and put in its bank account so it raises more interest, and well yes no considering that they don’t make you even aware that they are taking money from you so you do not worry about it. And so I do really want to thank from the heart Pegaus Airline and all its customer service for the time they spend with me every day at the phone, they fill my days with hope, with sun shine, with beautiful words, I kind got addicted on calling them, I miss them at some point of the day and I feel the need to talk to them, listen their careful advices, so I remind my self in what kind of society I live in. A big Thank you Pegaus Airlines and all your staff, you have been great part of my life recently, I couldn’t live without you, and you are saviors.
P.S. I do hope you will ask me again my credentials, because I already miss you guys, I really need to hear you again.
With love Graziano Siciliano
Share with whomever you like or wherever you like to post it, if you fee like you want make people aware of Pegaus Airlines kindness.

Pegasus Airlines - deliberately caused delay

I a pregnant lady along with my young child booked a flight to tehran via istanbul on 13/ july 2014 from london stansted airport.
The staff behind the check-in called glen no need to say very untrained and acting unprofessional, printed my boarding cards to my first and second routs, but just handed half of them to me and sent me to the gate.
When I arrived at the gate the security obviously stopped us as we did not have our boarding cards!
Although they were aware of their own mistake they sent us back to check in desk which you can only imagine how long it would take to get there and back in busy times like july. By the time I got there a guy called adam saw us, ignored us and closed the gate causing us to miss the flight!
Then they offered to sell us two one way tickets for an addition cost if £1140, which I obviously refused to pay.
I do not believe a cheap airline should mean cheap attitude.
Although their own fault they have not yet emailed or even acknowledged the problem.
I had to go and visit my terminally ill dad, but when back in uk if still ignored by them I will definitely get my solicitor and mp involved to stop them cunning people in this very unprofessional and disgusting tactic.
I will not recommend nor use this scammer airline again.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Pegasus Airlines - boarding denial

Please join me in boycotting Pegasus Airlines.Pegasus Airlines illegally denied boarding to a Nicaraguan citizen. The reason of the boarding attendant was that he did not carry appropriate visa...

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