[Resolved] Paypalgetting my money back

PayPal are quick taking money to pay for goods but when it comes to getting your refund back PayPal like eBay more like money grabbers you have fight get your money bk not them doing it for you feels like your chasing them get refund back it's PayPal fault like eBay let scammers that sell dodge goods in the first place sky Q boxes and WiFi routers by sky TV are only loan boxes and not to be sold any where eBay and PayPal letting sellers sell stollen boxes belonging to sky TV to be sold on UK eBay and etc throw PayPal they are breaking the law and eBay and PayPal are to ...I got get my refund back over Anthony Holland seller from eBay who sold me sky Q box with card costing me 79pounds said not stollen said it will work on freesat to only find out by sky TV when I joined sky that box does not work with freesat and the box class as stollen to so Anthony holland is a lyer and don't trust on eBay as many sellers on eBay and eBay it self are dodge people selling stollen goods or goods don't work how they ment to. .watch out people. .you see it report it to action fraud police UK Google action fraud police UK and report it there. ...

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May 14, 2017

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