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We flew into Miami airport on September 8th, collected bags & made our way to the car rental, when we arrived the car rental was completly closed, this was at about 6.00pm, eventuality another passenger pushed the emergency door open & we went into the car rental area where 3 security guards told us it was closed & all the companies had gone home, because of the forthcoming huricane which was over a day away & can't understand why flights were still coming in leaving passengers stranded, we explained we had pre booked rentals & after a lot of arguing he said one company was still there & he would see if he could help. He said to go & see him at payless & obviously we were pleased to get a chance of a car as we were also needing to travel north to get ahead of the hurricane, we were however shocked at the price he gave us at $1384.76 we told him the car could never be that price & i have checked the site since & it is no more than $650 for the 11 days rental, knowing our position he just said take it or leave it you dont have any other option & unfortunately for us we didn't & it didn't help when we had security guards telling us the same & we would have to leave so we had to take it, the car was not clean aswell. We were greatfull to get a car but this is price hiking & taking advantage of a situation & we know that we were not the only people that this had happened to . My position now is that i would like a refund for the difference of the real price of the car & what was charged the rental agreement no is296889165 & the name of the renter was Marlon, the car was a Toyota sienna my email address is [protected]

Sep 24, 2017

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