Paul Mitchell / paul mitchell school - honolulu, hi

Honolulu, HI, United States

October 2018 the dean, Joannie, told one of her students that the student only corresponded with her when she needed something. She then told the student to not speak to her and to leave her alone. How does the "dean" of your school talk to a student like this? How do you expect the student for your organization feel comfortable to talk to their superiors to obtain guidance or assistance in any way? On this very same day, one of the student advisors informs the students that they should know their craft better and that they need to stop leaning on the floor leaders; yet their floor leaders are new and don╩╗t know how to properly formulate or assist.

This branch of the school has ripped off their students, ridiculed their students and continues to diminish their abilities and self esteem. Some of their teachers contact their friends who own salons to help certain students obtain employment after graduation however they bad-mouth the students who currently work there. Their "program" changes every day/week depending on how the teachers, dean, student advisors.

There is no consistency or stability that allows students to flourish. They are treated with kindness during their adaptive stage and once the students are halfway through their program, the staff and administrative╩╗s attitudes change due to the fact that they are aware that the students cannot drop out and take their money away from the institution. This branch needs to be monitored and needs to be restructured. This brings the Paul Mitchell brand a bad reputation here in Hawaii.

Oct 19, 2018

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