PatPat / do not trust this company

California - mountain view, United States

this company have done nothing but scammed and committed fraud the entire experience I've had with them. I ordered a package that costed over $96, not only did I have to wait over a month to get an email telling me some of the items were not available but I waited that whole time to realise the clothes that were available were still 'processing'. I decided to cancel my order due to the frustration it had caused, after 2 days they emailed me telling me they will refund me my money. I waited for the refund they only gave me back $74! I immediately emailed them back saying that I didn't get my full refund and that I will not settle for any less then I've already paid. They have since been ignoring my emails and haven't refunded me the rest. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE NOT WORTH IT, SCAMMERS!

Sep 25, 2017

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