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Panera Bread / unacceptable panera bread experience

1 Erie, PA, United States
Contact information:

Dear CEO Schaich:

Approximately,  four hours, ago, my Mother and I went out to lunch at:
Panera Bread
4014 Peach St.
Erie, PA  16509

My Mother was visiting me from NY.  We planned on going shopping & out for lunch. We both ordered the pick-two (soup & sandwich) items.   At the bottom, of my Black Bean soup, was a large piece of plastic.  My Mom commented that her Chicken soup was watery & luke warm.  In fact, both our cups of soup, were luke warm.  She commented, how much the quality & atmosphere has declined at Panera Bread, over the last couple years. I agree. 

I asked to speak with a Manager regarding the plastic in my soup.  Her name was Brianna.  She was rude & spoke in a very flat tone, and said "well our soup comes in plastic bag, so that is how the plastic, ended up in your soup".  I said, "as a customer, I don't care if it comes in a bag, box, bottle or any other container, it does not belong in my soup".  She didn't offer an apology, only excuses, & simply refunded the soup, nothing else. 

And, my Mom ordered the Chicken & Rice soup & is now ill.  Both our cups of soup, were obviously, not proper consistent temperature to ensure food safety. I was shocked & unhappy, so I called your Panera Contact line, & spoke with Jeff, he seemed busier speaking with a friend, so I had to reiterate my experience twice.  He told me to call back to the the Panera Bread location, we visited, & ask to file a Customer Incident Form over the phone. So I did.

I asked to speak with a Manager,  & was told the Manager was not available. So, I spoke with the Asst. Manager, Chrisandra.  She proceeded to give details & excuses,  about soup temperatures, thermal containers, so their soup is always hot.  More excuses about process & not addressing CS Factual experience.

And, Chrisandra said, she did not know how to complete the incident report, so her boss, said my Mother and I would have to drive back to that location and fill out the report, in person, ourselves. we should drive back in from NY complete a form in person that I had plastic in my soup, my Mom most likely has food poisoning from her luke warm Chicken & Rice soup...does that sound reasonable?  And, Panera Bread, has the gull to say they have cleaner foods.  Clean food should contain Plastic?  Clean soup should be served luke warm?  Clean food, should make my Mother sick?  Outrageous!
Iwould like a letter of apology, sent to my Mom.  Obviously, your Legal Counsel will not allow you to directly address the factual details, I noted above.  But, nevertheless, my Mom came to town to enjoy the day shopping with me.  Instead, she ended up sick after eating watery, luke warm, chicken & rice soup, from Panera Bread.  After eating at Panera, our shopping plans ceased!
My Mother, is an older woman, who does not like to complain or create a scene.  But, I want this addressed.  This is a complaint, that I'm filing on her behalf. 

Obviously, the other steps, you have in place, have not been able to address this issue, because, none of your employees understand CS policy procedures.

I'd like an apology sent to my Mom & my Mother's money refunded, sent to:

Mrs. Ivy Kretz
9401 St. Rte.430
Sherman, NY  14781


Daphne A. Kretz
908 W. 20th St.
Erie, PA  16502


Aug 12, 2017

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