Panera Bread / two workers

I had went into the Panera Bread in the Sugarcreek Plaza 6130 Wilmington Pike Dayton Ohio [protected] on Wednesday November 23, 2016 and order a Cinnamon bagel and plain cream cheese while leaving the worker had made a comment to the other co worker saying I was always nasty when I came in saying she didn't like me I come to buy food not to make friends that was very unprofessional of her and I will not be spending my money in any Panera breads again my feelings was hurt and I was not treated fair I'm a black young lady who stand for something and I will not go for the disrespect I spoke with the manager and he was like the lady I was talking about is very mouthy and that was it I was not satisfy him being a manager and that was it and we got off the phone I hope you look into this matter if you would like to contact me my name is Kelly Dixon [protected]

Dec 01, 2016

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