Panera Breadshift supervisor/extremely rude and bad customer service/unprofessional

This happened several months ago, and i didn't know who to reach out to at the time or how to vent my frustration with my Panera experience. Since then, it has continued with this specific person and now I think it's important for the higher ups to know why their cafe health is so low at this store. The Flemington Panera on route 202 I have been a repeat customer for 3 years now. The service has been great my first couple of years, but this past year, 2017, it's clear theres been a massive change.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Flemington, NJThe shift supervisor Eliza was distracting a cashier and giggling over her phone while a customer stood there for 4 minutes waiting for the cashier to take her order. Eliza was also rude to guests, completely ignoring them and walking away while she was on cash earlier. I was sitting down in the front and noticing it all. The worst part was she was dressed inappropriately for a family friendly atmosphere with her shirt unbuttoned to expose her chest. She also acted entirely inappropriate towards male employees and a couple of other customers noticed this as well. It made me never want to come back to that Panera again.

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    Basically, it was like she wasn't working at all. She did not act like she was at work, rather, a high school cafeteria as a student. Why am I paying to have employees treat others like that and get paid for it?

Apr 28, 2017

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