Panera Bread / my whole experience was ruined

To whom it may concern,

Today I went to Panera at 7:30pm in Lawrence, NY looking forward to having a good meal (as expected from Panera's good standards, but was taken aback by a few things that occurred.
1. When me and my fiancé first entered the store, we tried to use the kiosks to order our food but were surprised that it wasn't working properly as it kept on telling us that all the sides were out of stock (which obviously wasn't true).
2. We then went to the cashier instead and ordered our food. Unfortunately she did not get our order correct by mixing up the salads (costing us 10 more minutes of waiting for them to change it to the correct order).
3. Then the most surprising fact of all was Panera Bread was out of stock on Bread! Any type of bread! How does a brand that prides itself on its bread run out of its most valuable food product!! It definetly was not enjoyable eating our food that was ordered already without bread.
4. Then as we get our food, I see they forgot to put cheese in my soup and forgot to give us dressing for the salad (which it is supposed to come with!) My fiancé's salad also had chicken added into it, although she clearly did not say she wanted any. She is a vegetarian. At this point we had no more energy to complain about anything else, so she picked out the chicken piece by piece.

Overall it was very saddening to have such an experience as me and my fiancé come to Panera bread a lot. I usually do not like to complain but I felt I had to share this experience to make sure people don't have so many setbacks and lackadaisical service.

- Michael

Nov 22, 2017

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