Panera Bread / lunch and rude service on 3/22/2017

Cafe order: 907026
Date: 3/22/2017 3:27:17pm

I am a regular at this Panera, I come almost 5 times a week for either lunch or dinner. I usually am treated very friendly and the order times and accurate is impeccable. I ordered at the kiosk with my friend for dine in and waited patiently for my food; the table that was open was dirty but I asked an employee to wipe it down and it was taken care of. My order was missing a side when I picked it up and I let the lady behind the counter know. She handed me the side and I asked if I could have a pastry and she rolled her eyes at me. I asked for the receipt and she took five minutes to finally provide it (I think she dug it out of the trash). The receipt did mention that if an order was not completely correct that treat would be provided for the trouble. Instead, I was given a rude gesture. Overall, this experience was so poor I might go to chipotle next.

Mar 22, 2017

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