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Haymarket, VA, United States

I have a My Panera Card. You all know how it works, so I do not need to explain it. What I am upset about is that Panera Bread has blocked me out so I cannot log into my account. Maybe I am being silly, but the timing that they chose to block me out and possibly cancel my card is after complaining and right before my birthday. They do not have an email address for me but I can still contact them with compliments/concerns which I have done. The first time, which was around December 2012/ January 2013, I sent them eight (8) compliments about their Gainesville, Virginia location and one suggestion that the headquarters consider building another Panera Bread in Haymarket, Virginia because Gainesville, Virginia Panera Bread being overcrowded is an understatement. The second comment was a couple months ago: they do have a problem with the disabled with carrying their food to the table but there was an incident where four able bodied wealthy men were sitting nearby the disabled woman gloating about all the wealth they had and a Panera employee brought them their food. The third comment was about a month ago. I was upset with Panera Headquarters raising my total price by forty cents, and telling them that this would cause me to reduce my visits to them. The fourth time I complained to Panera Bread Headquarters was yesterday and today about not being able to log in. The last time I have been to Panera Bread was on Resurrection Sunday.

I have read some of the astounding complaints on this site by others about other Panera Bread locations and it horrifies me. I have never experienced that at Gainesville, Virginia. With the exception of the one complaint about their bias towards the disabled, I have had NOTHING BUT COMPLIMENTS about Gainesville, Virginia, and yet, I am blocked out and possibly my card cancelled.

If retaliation is how Panera Bread thanks its loyal disabled customers, then they're not going to be in business very long, especially when they price gouge and are biased to those loyal disabled customers..

Apr 18, 2013

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