Panda Express / I am complaining about getting cheated out of my change

My name is Johnny Henry my number is [protected] I went to one of your panda express restaurants in the Braunfels Texas off of I-35 and 306. My bill was $6.50. I paid with a $20 bill. When I got my change back I only received four dollars. I argued with the guy telling him I gave him a 20 he insisted I only gave him a $10 bill. In which my change should have been 3.50 not 4.50. I was told I was going to have to wait an hour for their manager to show up just so I can get my $10 back. I told them I could not wait an hour because I had other responsibilities. They told me I was going to have to wait an hour if I wanted my $10 back. So needless to say I I left the food got a refund for $10 and walked out $10 short. That restaurant just lost them selves a customer.

Mar 26, 2017

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