Panda Express / bad customer service horrible

Stephanie D has the worst costumer service she was rushing everyone no smile no greeting awful service not just that but how she talks to the people she works with as well is ridiculous the worst part when I ask to the person in charge and the cashier said it was her I got even more upset I ask to speak to the manager he was to busy laughing with the cook he didn't even care to even look at me im a regular costumer and have never experience this before either Yeni, Brenda sometimes the other girl manager there service is great always smiling Brenda is always joking wich is awesome she makes costumers laugh I hope that something is done about this specially for her to be a person in charge she needs to be more polite I will continue to come to this Panda Express on 51 Indian school and I don't want nothing free or coupons just the best costumer service like I usually do Stephanie is definitely not for this job

Jul 26, 2018

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