Panasonic / Digital camera

Iroquois, ON, Canada

I have owned a number of Panasonic cameras including the DMC-GH3. I now
have a DMC-GH4. The GH3 has never had a proper RAW codec for the Windows 64-bit
system. I complained to Panasonic about this in 2012 but still no CODEC. At that
time I was told to purchase the third party ‘FastPictureViewer’ codec which I
did. Turns out this codec returns ambiguous data for RAW images from the
DMC-GH3. Now the GH4 has the same issue. How does Panasonic expect professional
photographers to take them serious when they don't provide the necessary tools
for their cameras?

With the GH3, when the ISO button is pushed the upper ISO limit is
displayed on the monitor. Also the rear dial can be used to change the ISO value
while the front dial can be used to change the upper ISO limit. I found this a
very useful function but it has been removed from the new GH4. With it I have to
go through the menus to see or change the upper ISO limit. Why would Panasonic
remove a useful function from its cameras?

May 3, 2014

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