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I placed an order in December, and I still have not received all that I ordered. The order number was 92535. The total order was $43.28 ($29.99 for the cup, 9.99 for the lid, and 3.30 tax). I have received the lid, but not the cup. I don't have much use for the lid without the cup. Is the cup coming soon? If I cannot get the cup, then I would like a refund for both the cup and the lid, because the lid is useless without the cup. Please tell me if I will be receiving the cup soon.

Thank you for checking into this.

Janelle Atchley

Jun 13, 2017
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  • Watch out! They closed that website and now use!


    And beware - I was also warned some of these counterfeiters are using TOXIC metals in the production of their FAKE Yetis!

    Report to the IC3 (FBI Internet Crimes Bureau) and also the FTC. Also file a report with YETI in Austin (512) 394-9384. They are actively pursuing these counterfeiters. Unfortunately, they evidently scam people and then shut down that website and move on to the next one!

    REAL YETI dealers must carry the entire YETI LINE! CALL YETI in Austin to confirm a REAL dealer BEFORE you purchase!

    Check out the other people scammed on! It is horrific! They call them "FETIS". UGH!

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