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Outdoors Online Complaints & Reviews

Outdoors Online / Yeti tumbler never received!

Audrey Josey on Feb 23, 2017
I ordered one (1) tiffany blue yeti tumbler on December 25, 2016. The email "receipt" I got from the company seemed sketchy so I started looking around and started seeing others who had been scammed. I immediately tried to reach out to the company but soon realized that my $29.00 was gone...

Outdoors Online / Yeti tumbler

Mpayne67 on Feb 23, 2017
Order yeti tumbler December 2016 and still have never received. Have tried calling, emailing no responses. Also ordered yeti can cooler. Nothing from that either. Want my money back. How many people are they going to be able to scam with this. Wish I would have read reviews first. They...

Outdoors Online / Avoid!

Papill34 on Feb 23, 2017
Outdoors Online is the worst company I have ever dealt with, they stole my money!! If you still want to order from them then think twice and read the reviews. Outdoors Online will take your money and never deliver your order. There are so many people who were scammed by this fraudulent...

Outdoors Online / Tumblers Yetti

Hollynkeith on Feb 22, 2017
I placed a order on 12/22/2016 and have not received anything. I have called and the number was not in service. You email them and no one responds. They stole 89.97 from me and I want a refund. How long can a company go with so many complaints and nothing being done about it. I want a...

Outdoors Online / Not receiving products purchased

amiller709 on Feb 21, 2017
As of today (2/21/2017) I have only received two of the items (the black and pink handles) from a purchase I made in on 11/28/16. I have written and email that no one has responded to regarding this incident. The only information I have been given is that out of stock items will be...

Outdoors Online / Order #57336

Jeffrey M. Charles on Feb 21, 2017
I placed this order on 11/17/2016, for the metal straws. I have not received them and I spoke to someone who said they were lost in transit, and would reorder them. I have still not received them. My emails are not being answered. I would like my order or money refunded. I believe this i...

Outdoors Online / Yeti tumblers

Mary Ellen Hickey Cassady on Feb 21, 2017
I placed order 91312. I ordered two Yeti tumblers with lids and handles on December 20. I received the handles and lids on January 11 but no Yeti tumblers. I have emailed 4 times, called multiple times, was finally able to chat with a rep on Jan 23 and told the tumblers were in shipping...

Outdoors Online / Order not received that was placed Dec.28!

esim on Feb 21, 2017
I placed an order for Yeti products on December 28, 2016. My order # is 97725. I have sent multiple emails in regards to my order with no response. My credit card has been charged $81.95 but I still have not received my order as of February 21, 2017!!! At this point I would like a refund or...

Outdoors Online / Yeti

11alicia11 on Feb 21, 2017
On January 1, 2017 I placed an order for a pink yeti tumbler and still have not received it almost 2 months later. No one will return my emails or my calls. Their website seems legitement so I thought it would be a good place to purchase. I confirmed with my credit card that the payment...

Outdoors Online / 20 oz pink yeti and a 20 oz blue yeti:

Angela Nageotte on Feb 20, 2017
I place and order on December 2, 2016, on the 5th of December 2016 the money was taken out of my account $59.98. I have saved every email I have received and sent to this company. My receipt # is 74235 this is my receipt: Outdoors Online ORDER #74235 Thank you for your purchase! Hi...

Outdoors Online / Ordered cups and lids

Showpigs on Feb 18, 2017
I placed an order Dec. 19, 2016 for 2/30oz cups, 2 spill proof lids for 30 oz, and 2 spill proof lids for 20 oz . One cup was black and one metallic purple. I have received NOTHING! They won't return my emails, and phone number has been disconnected. They received money from debit card...

Outdoors Online / Not receiving my orders

Frm113 on Feb 18, 2017
I placed two orders for yeti products in December 2016, around the 14th of the month. I have not received anything other than the confirmation emails. My card was charged for both orders. When I tried calling I was told phones were not in service. I am angry and want my money back. What...

Outdoors Online / 20 0z yeti tumbler

Soonercg on Feb 17, 2017
I placed an order on Nov. 29, 2016 for a Yeti 20 oz sea foam tumbler and have tried to contact customer service by phone and email many times. I have yet to receive a response back. I am very disappointed and just would like some response as to when and why I have not received this when...

Outdoors Online / 2 Yeti 20 oz cups

Tania Johnson on Feb 17, 2017
on Nov 27, 2016 I placed an order for 2 Yeti 20 oz cups, 1 30 oz cup, a closeable lid, straws and straw cleaner. I finally received one cup just before Christmas. The 2nd partial shipment came in January after several calls and emails. I had a long phone call on about Dec 22/23 The man...

Outdoors Online / Yeti 30 oz pink camo cup never received/request a refund of $39.99

bcollins02 on Feb 16, 2017
On December 3, 2016 I placed an order with Outdoors Online for a Yeti 30oz Pink Camo cup, handle and lid. The payment was withdrawn from my account on December 5, 2016. I did receive the handle and the lid but still waiting for the cup. I have emailed the company and have received email...

Outdoors Online / Unethical behavior, thieves

Carole Kallaus Patrick on Feb 16, 2017
I placed an order on 12/21/16 order #92796 for a cup & handle, the creeps sent my handle & kept the cup, they stole $30.00 from me. They sent me a survey asking how i was enjoying my handle, as if. I have tried multiple emails & phone calls to no avail. I wish i had went with my gut...

Outdoors Online / Order never received

lakehouse on Feb 16, 2017
I placed an order back in December 26, 2016 and have not received the items ordered. The payment was withdrawn from my account in the amount of $65.95 on 12/28/16 I did not receive an order number at the time of order. I have made a previous phone call in January 2017 to check on thi...

Camping and Fishing Outlet / 30 oz yeti tumbler

Debbie1234 on Feb 15, 2017
I ordered online a 30 oz Yeti Tumbler. This was Jan 3, 2017. The money was taken from my debit card but I to date have not received my order. I've E mailed numerous times with no reply at all. There is no phone number to call that I can see. I think this is a fraudulent company. The order#...

Outdoors Online / Outdoors online

Jennifer Wallce on Feb 15, 2017
I ordered a cup on 12/30/16, have emailed and called every day! never get a response or an email back, they have taken my money! this was a huge scam!!! I also requested a refund never happened, now when I go to the web site im not there any more nor is my order crazy because I still have...

Outdoors Online / Order for yeti cups

Kathleen Gobin on Feb 15, 2017
On 1/1/2017 I ordered 2 Yeti 20 oz cups, with 2 no spill lids, and handles. These were ordered as gifts. Order # 100480. I have attempted to contact them several times for tracking information or a refund and have received no response! This is unacceptable that they would take advantage of...

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