Outback Steakhouse / soup & salad

4300 Old Benbrook Rd. apt. 80, FORT WORTH, TX, United States
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Phone: (817) 500-6678

Yesterday on May 17, 2017, my husband, niece & I dined at your Outback Steakhouse in Fort Worth, Tx at the Bryant Irvin location.. We both ordered the Aussie 4 course meals.. He ordered a Baked Potato Soup & House Salad while I ordered the French Onion Soup & House Salad.. When our food arrived, we began eating, as he's eating and feeding our one year old niece off of his plate, I notice something moving on his plate.. It's a small black gnat, fly, whatever you wanna call it.. Either way it's disgusting.. So I notify the waiter immediately.. He apologizes & takes it back to the kitchen.. Returns shortly after with another plate & we began eating once again.. He eating his soup & once again, as he lifts up I leaf of lettuce, another nasty little gnat flys out.. So now, he's mad & so am I because this is gross.. We call the manager over Because this time I had proof because I had killed the gnat and sat it aside, he came over & quickly took the plate away & never returned.. Didn't apologize or come back to say anything.. So now we're both just sitting there too paranoid to eat our other food because of what just happened.. So we sit a little longer thinking that someone is gonna come back & tell us something, nothing.. The waiter kept coming to check on us, but the damage was done.. We didn't want the food & still we're exactly the way we came in, hungry but now I was unsatisfied at how we were​ treated.. When my husband asked for the ticket, the waiter notified us that his food would be free, I was like what food, he didn't eat anything.. I still paid for mines which i barely touched because of concerns of other bugs.. So I don't really know if that particular outback just has a bug problem or the workers there are just tryfling and brought the same plate of food back out to them, which is freaking disgusting either way and I'm highly upset about this.. I love Outback, well I did, & I've never had this kind of problem before but from now on, we're sticking to Texas Roadhouse.. My name is Shiata Wilson, if you would to discuss this situation with me more, I can be reached on my cell phone at [protected] or my email address is [protected] Thanks.. Looking​ forward to talking to someone soon..

  • Updated by Shiata, May 18, 2017

    Didn't realize that this was a public complaint, thought this was private.. How do I edit the previous post now.? Ugh..

May 18, 2017

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