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I worked at store 1841 in austin mn. was given every crap job there was trying to get me to quit but i wouldent . the district manager dont like older help and made it very clear to me and others. He has made comments about others like hire the girl she has a nice *** she will draw customers and has treated her and others very poorly at this store.In june i ruptured 3 disks in my back and that was the way to get rid of me . Fired me fought my unemployment, canceled my insurance, and refuse workers comp. Teem oreilly will take care of you my ***. The old manager and me brought this store from nothing to what it was when he left . We were at aprox. 80, 000 mo. He asked for a raise that figured to .17cents per hr . was told no hired a new manager that nobody likes for less than half and sales drop 40, 000 per mo. WAY TO GO OREILLYS. Oreillys CEO people better take a long look at the district manager and manager im not the only one that has had problems its been our store and other stores in his care that has had problems with him. How stupid can you be is everyone lying but him . I can prove everything i say i have it on tape and other people with me on this that work for oreillys and old employees that have been forced to quit cause of what they have done to them. The CEO people wont get ahold of people like me that was devoted to that store they dont CARE about there help or there customers.


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