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NO AMOUNT OF SAVINGS IS WORTH DEALING WITH ORBITZ!!! If you decide to use them anyway, be ready to eat the $$$$ you spent on the package. Customer service is practically non-existent and if you do by chance get to speak with a representative after being disconnected several times - I seriously doubt you will be able to understand if you are English speaking. Sad, Sad, Sad!!!

I booked a package to Cancun for 6/26 - 6/29. I called on June 14th to see if I could change the person going with me as their plans changed and they would not be able to go. I was expecting to pay approximately up to 1/2 of the booking to be able to change the person going with me.

First of all - I waited for approximately 30 minutes to get to a customer representative. When I finally spoke with a representative I found it very difficult to understand what they were saying. They spoke with a very heavy Asian accent and I repeatedly asked them to spell words and to slow down so I could understand what the person was saying.

According the the person I spoke with on June 14th - no part of the package could be changed. It could only be cancelled. However, my flights had already been cancelled by Orbitz but I was not contacted! No explanation could be given - they stated they had sent an email - I never received an email!

I called back tonight to cancel the package. I got disconnected on the first call after over a 16 minute wait, call was dropped the 2nd time after over an 11 minute wait and finally after the 3rd call, after I'd waited over 7 minutes - I spoke with a representative. I asked to cancel the package. Again the representative had a heavy accent and was VERY difficult to understand! After they stated they had cancelled the package, I asked for a confirmation # for the cancellation. After being on hold for about 10 minutes, the representative came back and stated it was the same as the Package Locator - "original package locator". I asked why then had I been on hold for that? I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative argued with me that it was the same. I said I still wanted to speak with a supervisor and she argued with me several times. I finally asked if she were refusing to allow me to speak with a supervisor. After another 10 minute wait, I spoke with a supervisor. I asked the supervisor if I had trouble with the cancellation and credit card refund, if I could call her directly back? After a long explanation, it was basically no - you get the luck of the draw.

The call on June 14th took about 55 minutes and the call tonight logged in at about 72 minutes - over 2 hours in all!

Good luck if you decide to use Orbitz - my prayers are with you. Stick to real people and travel agencies with a reputation. NOT ORBITZZZZZ!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ is what you do waiting to try to talk with a rep - lol!!!


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