Orbitz / Unethical behavior

Di Dec 29, 2015
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I booked a flight, hotel, and rental card through Orbitz. I received separate emails for each reservation and mind you I booked this vacation in advance. I fly all the way from Arizona to Florida on 12/29 for a week vacation over the New Years holiday. When I get to my hotel in Florida @ 5pm I am told a reservation was never made and they are sold out. I call Orbitz and upon further investigation of my confirmation email for the hotel I see it is not a confirmation but a "we are working on your reservation". I was told by the Orbitz agent (who are all employed in India and have the worst customer service skills known to human kind)that my room was booked my credit card charged and set to go. Ok, my fault I guess you should assume the agents at Orbitz are liars and when they say they booked your room they really didn't. Not sure what she did with my credit card info since she didn't make my reservation. Sitting in Florida with no room I am stupid enough to call Orbitz not only to complain to an agent that has less personality than my computer and could care less about the inconvenience I am experiencing but I proceed to book a room at another hotel. This time I get a real confirmation email. I gather my family and drive 15 minutes to my new more expensive and 1/10th the quality hotel. I get to the front desk only to be told that I do not have a room all the rooms with double beds as I reserved are sold out!!! I can share a king bed with two other men who are both over 6'3 and 200+ pounds for 6 nights. Not going for that I call Orbitz one more time. I am offered nothing for the inconvenience just verbal apologies which aren't cutting it at this point. I am told while they will attempt to get my money back for the 6 nights they charged I can book another room at another hotel through them!!! So while they are not guaranteeing they will refund my money for the room they promised that did not exist. I now had to book a room at another hotel resulting in thousands of dollars of hotel room charges (for the non existent room and the one we get to actually stay in). Thank god I am not living on a budget trying to take my family on a vacation because Orbitz would have single handedly destroyed the entire one week vacation. They need to stop being so cheap and hire American workers who have at least some knowledge of customer service. Stop booking hotels that are already over booked. Stop charging people for a room that is not available. This is theft. Very disappointed and will be reporting this to as many sites as possible. Completely unethical disgusting behavior by Orbitz.

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