Orbitz / bait and switch on airfare

Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

Ok, this is a rant of epic proportions! i have been following prices for a flight for the twins 2nd Birthday and it has been the same price for DAYS! I tried to book online and it kept saying " cannot complete, wait and try later" after 4 tries I called and it took this rep ages to find the reservation and he says I can't give it to you for 326, 60 it's now 368.00! Oh no no!!!they did this the last time I flew, charged 50.00 more. The excuse you ask? Our prices fluctuate so that's why you can't get it for 326.60. I gave him both barrels ... then why do you advertise for 326.60 knowing that's not true? You are scamming the public! I want a supervisor. Well of course she's busy!! So... I said you have my name, you have my number, have her call me and get me that price!! I'm guessing that ain't gonna happen.
I have posted all this on FB. People need to be aware!!

Sep 26, 2017

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