Opodo / airline tickets

United Kingdom

I paid in full for airline tickets and received an email saying the carrier had altered my flights. The new flights were backwards so the journey was impossible. I telephoned Opodo 5 times from Thailand at my own cost as they refused to call me back. Each time they said they would sort it out and call me back, and I am still waiting and my flight is in one week. When I asked why they promised to call and never did I was fobbed off. When I asked why the airline had made an impossible journey they repeated phrases that made no sense. They then had the cheek to ask me for a positive review - terrible customer service, and I still do not have flights.
There is no email address to write to on the website, nor a complaints line. They have not even offered me a refund so I can buy my flights through a quality broker.

Oct 24, 2018

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