Opel Vectra c - 2008 modelengine faliure

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My name is Moataz Nabil, I'm Egyptian & I live in Cairo in; this is my second time to contact Opel Germany directly in a desperate attempt to regain my rights from General Motors Egypt.

Back on April 28th 2008, I purchased a a brand new Opel Vectra 1.6 cc Easytronic transmission with the following details:

Model - 2008
Engine capacity - 1.6 cc
Engine # - 1369
Chasis # - [protected]

I invested in this car the amount of 195, 000.00 Egyptian Pounds equivalent to approximately 29, 000.00 Euros at the time of purchase which was all my savings in the past 5 years + a bank loan & now I'm totally moneyless after all that I spent on this notorious vehicle! After a fake test drive on a car which is definitely not like the one that I bought I was convinced. But when I drove the car for the first time, it seemed strange & not like the one that I test drove, the gearbox was strange & the car kept jumping & stopped twice!!! I took to the General Motors main Service Center (Mansour Opel/Chevrolet) after the first 1000 KM & they told me that this is normal & that I will get use to driving it because it needs a different sense; absolute nonsense! Anyhow, the real problems started after 5000 KM & I will brief tem as follows:

1. I kept hearing a horrible voice from the engine when I put the air condition on & accelerate. I took to the main service center & they told me that there was a factory defect in the compressor but unfortunately it was not available. I kept going back & forth till it finally arrived & they changed the compressor after 4 months; however I was shocked when the horrible voice continued.
2. I went again to the service center, they rechecked the car & said that the evaporator had to be changed!!! I insisted that sound was from the engine but they insisted that it was from the evaporator; again the sound continued.
3. I went again & they told me that this is a normal engine sound with the air condition on; ridiculous reply!!!
4. I kept on trying with Mansour spending significant amounts of time, money & more importantly this inflicted a painful psychological effect on me.
5. At around 25000 KM, I started hearing noises from everywhere in the car, the doors, the windows, the interiors etc.
6. The big problem was when, all of a sudden, the gearbox showed F on the screen & the car wouldn't move. I had to bring a truck to carry the car to the service center!!! At this time, I sent the first complaint to Opel Germany. The staff at the service center insisted that coke or pepsi & cigarette ashes were inside the gearbox internal compartment & that this caused the problem; by the way I don't smoke! After many discussions, they fixed it without charging me. I left but wasn't satisfied with the car.
7. The problems kept popping up every now & then & the horrible engine sound with the air-condition on started showing with the air-condition is off; this was 3 days ago.
8. I took it today to the service center at 69000 KM, I was shocked & had severe chest pain when they told me that the engine has complete failure only after 4 months from the expiration of the warranty.
9. I expected that they will do this with me after all the strange & fishy maneuvers.

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