Onondaga Blvd. Wegmanscustomer service worker "leah"

On Saturday 4/14/18 at approx 9am, I was returning plastic bottles and cans in their self service area. The bin became full, shut off and an alarm sounded. Not knowing if anyone heard the alarm (due to the time of day and lack of employees in the area), I walked over and rang the bell for assistance. Within a few minutes, a large African American woman opened the customer service door and yelled very angrily at me "we know the bin is full, you'll just have to wait. You don't need to ring the bell, just wait". She proceeded to slam the door. Approx 4 minutes later, she emerges from the service desk area, walks over to the door where she enters the rear of the bins and begins to empty or "clear" the bins to the right of me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Syracuse, NY I was placing bottles in the bin closest to the left outside wall. Finally she reaches the bin where I was waiting, opens the rear door, slams the barrel against the machine so hard that the outside unit shook. She proceeded to then slam the door so hard that that machine actually shook. I went about my business, never said a word to her except "thanks" to which she did not respond. Upon entering the store, I saw her standing at the service desk talking to co-workers... the front end was nearly customer free.
I love wegmans stores and usually have a great experience with any employees I encounter. Leah may be a good worker but her attitude stinks! She is a poor representation of wegmans and should not be working in a customer service position if she is unable to leave her attitude at home. I am done shopping at that store!

Apr 16, 2018

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