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hello I been using omegle for years, recently I been waking up from using it the night before and it sayying im banned, I use omegle to video chat with my friend every night because its the only way for us to chat and its easy we put the same interest and thats it, we dont do anything wrong, nothing SEXual, just bull [censor] and having good old convos, can I please get unbanned? im sure you get this alot but I seriously never did any wrong on your site and me talking with my frien on here is the only enjoyment I still have my life its not fair idk when I get banned I know you have alot of people on here and make mistakes as the message says but atleast make it for 24 hours or let us work to unband our selves like we could a few years back by helping you find the real people who need banding, this site is broken, I few years back there were always 30, 000 plus people on at any given time now your lucky to have 20, 000, [censor] ill even be an admin for you if you need good help that bad but can you please unblock me, ill even stop cursing on here if that what upsets your admins idk but any help would make my night my friends asking me why I wont cam with her tonight and I gotta tell here I got banned? how does that make look, like a [censor] creep, thats how

Jan 25, 2018

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