Omeglepeople said they were going to kidnap me after I got suspicious of them

K Nov 19, 2017

November 18th - November 19th 2017

So basically I go on Omegle to talk to some people on video so I could record a video. Basically the footage got corrupt so I had to delete it. So I spend some time just talking to random people. I meet two people. Both used the same tactic. They tried to be all nice to me. Me being stupid. Gave in. I told them my facebook cause they wanted to be my friend. Then they get vicious in their text. I fight back (obviously) and they finally admit that they wanted to "Kidnap you" and to "make me their little [censor] [censor]". I wish, at the time, I saved the log or something but at the time I was shocked I just left. Don't go on Omegle.

I'm contacting the authorities and letting them know exactly what happened last night.

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