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I was talking to cosplayers and such when I was randomly kicked off. There was a hacker and im not sure if its because of that because its giving me insane anxiety. I am cosplaying a character called sally face who has scars and gore on his face to which im not sure if I was banned for gore. If this is able to be fixed that would be great! Im not sure who the hacker was or anything but they were pretending to be a young girl who wanted help learning about her sexuality, I offered to explain some things but wouldnt show off my body. The camera showed mine and was telling me instructions on what to do. It told me I had to strip and that I wasnt allowed to leave. I left but am unsure on what happened. I left too quickly to get pictures.

Feb 3, 2019
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  • Pa
      5th of Feb, 2019

    Powodować: wulgarnych lub wulgarne zachowanie i zostałem zbanowany jak nic takiego nie robilem tylko normalnie rozmawiałem w ubraniach i za to sie nie powiano dostać bana a jak inny maja za przeproszenie kutasa wystawionego i wala sobie i oni nie maja bana ja tego nie rozumiem gdzie jest głowny admin lub moderator tego przecież jest śmieszne ze nic sie nie zrobiło a dostało sie bana :(

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  • Ab
      5th of Mar, 2019

    same I was also cosplaying a character from sally face (Travis Phelps ) little gore so can you like not ban cosplayer like we just want cos friend like we don't have very many

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