OmanTel100 omr unauthorized charges related to line ([protected])

Dear sir/madam at omantel,
I was awarded a scholarship by my company in 2015. I had opened sahal (I'm not sure about the exact name of the service!) in my house with the number [protected] and was clarely told by customer service that this line will be charged on use only. After I returned from my awarded scholarship, I was surprised to see 100 omr charged to my line.

May I request omantel to remove the 100 omr charges from my old account please as this is something I believe is not related to my mistake/useage as I was abroad. I now opened a new account ([protected]) and i'm clear about the terms and conditions of this account. I keep paying my bill regularly without issues. I'm a loyal customer with omantel and I hope my request is fulfilled to keep my long relationship.
Please communicate with me via e-mail:
Badar. [protected]@me1.

Many thanks for the great service you offer in oman and I hope you keep good customers happy.

Best regards
Dr. Badar al-busafi

Jan 19, 2017

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