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1234 (Call Centre)
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1010 (Directory Information)
1235 (Business Call Centre)
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Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantelwrong billing

For my landline [protected], i requested to disconnect it in January 2017 at the Ruwi high street Omantel outlet.
This was because i was shifting to Bausher area.
The staff told me that disconnection is done after doing all documentation.
Now, in April, i got a bill for the disconencted line for the period January till April.
I complained to Omantel call centre (complaint no. [protected]) on 9th April. They asked me to pay the pending bill amount first before proceeding to cancel again. So, i was forced to pay it ro 140. Now, the line got cancelled only in April 2017.
Till now, Omantel has not reverted to me about my above complaint.
I request Omantel to check why the line was not cancelled. Please refund my bill paid for the cancelled line.

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    Omantelomantel broadband connection

    Respected sir,

    It has been more than 3 weeks since I have applied for location change for an existing broad band ([protected]) connection in Adam branch. There is no response from any related authorities till now even after several follow ups. The matter was registered in Omantel Adam Branch and they were forcing to cancel the existing connection and take another connection.

    I clearly doubt the delay is might be due the denial for a new connection, as the cancellation process includes charges.

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      Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantelfixed broadband service

      Dear Omantel, My Internet Services were not working since 14th of March and i logged a complaint on 16th of March having complaint no-[protected], After that i called customer service center so many times but there is no followup from omantel side. No one called me or came to check the connection and on top of that i received my monthly bill yesterday. How will i pay when i am not getting any services from your side?

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        Omantel — Wifi not working since 2 weeks

        Respected Omantel, It has been 2 weeks my wifi has stopped working, and i have complained about it on 31st...

        Oman Telecommunications Company / OmantelHome broadband

        My home broadband connection and land line have been stopped working since last Tuesday onwards. I have raised a complaint next day in the morning 22nd March 2017.
        The complaint booking number is [protected] and I got a message that i will be getting update within 24 hours.
        Now it is the 8th day I am suffering without Internet and land line connection.
        Three days before I got a call from someone introduced himself as Omantel technician and I provided the location details.
        My land line is [protected]
        I request you to take necessary steps to solve the issue.

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          OmantelNot yet received new broadband internet connection

          After complement,
          Sub: prompt Actions necessity for giving HBU S/Fixed connection to my Home.
          Respected Sir,
          An account of getting the Internet connection of Home Broad Band unlimited S / Fixed to my Home, I submitted my application through your Alkhoud Round About Brach office Incharge Mr. Khaloud Abdullah Al- Balaushi on 08/02/2017 and I got my request Id bearing 127986. On the day itself, I received SMS from Oman Tel office pertaining spot / vision inspection by Oman Tel‘s Employee or Engineer to my Home.
          In order to spot inspection for giving Brand bond connection at my home, An Engineer of MHD visited my home, who took photos of my house and wrote the Fiber Optical connection junction number that are located behind my house.
          On succeeding week, Three Nos Technicians, /Skilled workers who visited my house and provided connection from one joint of” Fiber Optical junction” through land to my home (fixed small box inside my house) and I put my signature, as they required, in a form even though I was unaware the status work completion, subsequently, following day they came and completed their work.

          Successively, I received a phone call from Oman Tel office pertain the status of Technician /skilled workers work, and that Oman Tel office confirmed the work completion by technicians and consecutive day, an officer /Engineer from Oman Tel office visited my house and fixed HUAWEI Modem in my house who asked me” not to disconnect the modem from electrical power connection for forthcoming/ next three days”.
          Beside that I waited for three days for arrival of Oman Tel office’s Engineer giving internet connection to my house nevertheless it was fruitless. Meanwhile, I contacted the Oman Tel office and explained all above mentioned manifestations to them and requested to give Home brad bond fiber Optical connection at the earliest .The Oman Tel office Explained / replied that the technicians gave wrong connection to my home through OODEROO Fiber Optical junction instead of Oman Tel Fiber Optical junction .
          Later a week, some technician arrived to my home and provided fiber optical connection through land from another Fiber Optical junction that belongs to Oman Tel (Fiber Optical junction).
          Then, I did not receive any phone calls from Oman Tel office furtherly; however, I contacted the Oman Tell Office more than 07 times through their Toll Free number last week. The Oman Tell officer responded that the Oman Tel office conveys information to the concern Engineer/technicians/Skilled Technicians for identification problem at the earliest.
          Sir, accordingly, nearly more than one month concluded, thus I request you to take prompt action to give Home Broadband unlimited S/Fixed connection as soon as possible to my home.
          Anticipating your auspicious reply
          Thanks and regards
          Mohan Shanmugam (Request id: 127986 AND LAND LINE: [protected])
          Id: [protected],
          Email ID: Shanmugam.[protected]@gamil.com.

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            Oman Telecommunications Company / OmantelHome broadband connection

            I have been using Omantel for the past several years however for the past 14 days my home broadband stoppex working suddenly. We have done several follow ups and get empty prmises that someone will 'certainly' come to fix the problem within 24 hours, but no one has come, despite many follow ups. In the meanwhile the bill is also issued without us using the Internet.
            My home phone no. is [protected] and the complaint no. is [protected].
            I hope this is resolved at the earliest without any further harassment.

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              Oman Telecommunications Company / Omantel — Omantel wifi internet service

              Dear Omantel Customer Care, I am using Omantel internet WIFI service since 2 weeks and it is working...

              Omantel — Complaint about customers service

              Earlier we were using adsl internet and recently changed to fiber optic and we were suppose to receive a head...


              OmantelBroadband fixing

              Dear omantel,

              I have raised a compliant for not fixing my omantel broadband connection.
              I have moved to darsit from wadikabir and raised a complaint after 15days
              Compliant no :[protected].
              Today i got message that the complaint is resolved. Which actually not happened. No omantel personnel have came for installation.
              I request omantel to look into the issue and clear it asap.


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                Omantel100 omr unauthorized charges related to line ([protected])

                Dear sir/madam at omantel,
                I was awarded a scholarship by my company in 2015. I had opened sahal (I'm not sure about the exact name of the service!) in my house with the number [protected] and was clarely told by customer service that this line will be charged on use only. After I returned from my awarded scholarship, I was surprised to see 100 omr charged to my line.

                May I request omantel to remove the 100 omr charges from my old account please as this is something I believe is not related to my mistake/useage as I was abroad. I now opened a new account ([protected]) and i'm clear about the terms and conditions of this account. I keep paying my bill regularly without issues. I'm a loyal customer with omantel and I hope my request is fulfilled to keep my long relationship.
                Please communicate with me via e-mail:
                Badar. [protected]@me1. Bp.com

                Many thanks for the great service you offer in oman and I hope you keep good customers happy.

                Best regards
                Dr. Badar al-busafi

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                  Omantel — Broadband connection problem

                  hi i am akhil. my dad uses omantel broadband. now i am also using it. since 3 days i have been experiencing...

                  OmantelTrying to get wifi/internet in my home

                  Mr william welsh [protected]
                  I had omantel home wifi in my old property in msq, on completion of that tenancy I decided to move to shatti al qurm, so on the 25 october I asked for a new connection into my new apartment, bldg no 2665 flat no 27 way no 3033 db no [protected], opp grand hyatt, and was given a request no, 118483, subsequent meetings with the office at sarooj, saying I was getting, broadband fibre cabling, 3 weeks of waiting / visiting and then in early december to be told that it was not possible to install that in my house, so I had to resubmit for a normal internet at home on the 03-05 december, only to be told on the 06 december that due to a technical fault this was not possible, now after anothe 2 weeks of waiting still no internet, no telephone calls / no word from mohammed at sarooj, or khalid,
                  What do I do now, I wish to remain an omantel customer but even in the diplomatic area of muscat that seems not possible regards william edward welsh

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                    OmantelFibre optic

                    I order Internet and a phone line when I arrived in Oman on the 28 Aug 16. After months of nothing I finally have a Fibre Optic cable in my house. However, I am still waiting for a Fibre Optic Modem and engineer to come and connect me. Can someone please call me today and tell me when this will happen. My request number is 105930.


                    Kirk Donaldson

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                      Omantel — League of legends

                      Hi, Many of us in the League Of legends here in Oman were shocked last week and as heard that Omantel ha...

                      Omantel — Caller tune

                      Hi, After having complained through email and two complaints on customer care no action has been taken since...

                      OmantelOffice landline connection

                      I am writing this out of frustration because of the lack of care and service from Omantel. Our landline phone Number [protected] at our office has been out of order for 10 days and ever since we have been raising complaints with the Omantel customer care. We are not getting a definitive reply from them and our problem still exists after 10 days. We are running a business where it is very important that our phone works. Unfortunately the service people at Omantel are not understanding the criticality of our situation.

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                        Omantel — Broadband internet

                        Inspite of several follow-up with the customer support service still they are at large to resolve the problem...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Omantel And Bank Muscat40 omr / $104 debited

                        I used Omantel website to recharge my phone with credit worth 40 OMR in the month of April. My bank, Bank Muscat immideately debited 40 OMR from my account but OmanTel never sent me the equivalent recharge.

                        I have complained five times to each of these organisation, yet I have received no reply. I am appalled at this level of incompetence and unprofessional attitude that after almost 5 months, I have not been provided with my money or the recharge. So much for claiming to be customer friendly and propmt.

                        Attaching a copy of Bank Statement.

                        Ayesha (+968-[protected])

                        40 omr / $104 debited

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                          • Pr
                            Pramod G nair Dec 13, 2016

                            Same thing has happened with me .I had a OMR 1 recharge done through the Net banking and the credit never appeared.I have been given a complaint No - [protected] on 9th December and as of date they are still working.Planning to change for a Nawras number

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                          OmantelFixed line transfer

                          asalaam aleykum.
                          it is now 36 days since i applied for Fixed line Transfer and Till date there in no response, in spite of several follow up, each time a different no is given to follow up.. sorry to say i am very very disappointed with the Omantel Services.
                          my tel number # is [protected]
                          would really appreciate if you can arrange to shift the same on Top priority Please.

                          Thanks & Regards
                          Nadeem 00968 [protected]

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