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I am not sure how they train their servers but our waiter was barely there. Our drinks were brought by the waiter but the food was not. Then a female server felt the need to stand out our table talking to my boyfriend. I am not sure how Oliver Garden is doing their management but it is rather poor from my perspective. It seemed that no one knew where they were supposed to be or what they were supposed to be doing. The food was heavy and mediocre.

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  • Og
      9th of Jun, 2010

    The food at Olive Garden is usually heavy and mediocre. And I am a server there... How come people come to Olive Garden expecting a gourmet meal. It's not. The majority of the food is pre-packaged. You get what you pay for. I think the food is decent, but it also depends on what entree you order. Also... you get free refills of bread, soup, and salad. That is a pretty good deal, no matter what the food is like.

    As for your food being brought out by someone else... I wish Olive Garden would put out an advertisement about WHY this is... It isn't BAD service when someone else brings out your food. It's GOOD service. It means your food is being brought out IMMEDIATELY after it's made and it's not sitting under some heat lamp. If your server is busy getting soup and salad for table A and table B has food ready to be taken out, a different server who might be standing around with nothing to do at the moment will bring out the food for table B so you get it hot and fresh.

    In really upscale restaurants, servers NEVER bring out the food. The restaurant employs food runners who's only job is to take food to the tables. The servers are there to bring drinks and make sure you are enjoying your meal and to be the mediator between the customer and the kitchen.

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  • Sa
      18th of Dec, 2011

    At NUMEROUS locations Olive Garden makes people wait unnecessarily even lined up outside regardless of the weather while dozens of tables sit empty. Meanwhile servers are standing around talking or even sitting at tables in another dining room. The attitude is: folks ought to feel "honored" to dine with OG. News stories show sales dropping and dragging the rest of Darden, Inc. but instead of shaking things up guest relations makes excuses and at most apologizes for "inadequate staffing". NONSENSE ! It's the OG culture that says "let's see how many beepers we can give out today" as they make fools of those who wait while
    losing more and more people who go elsewhere never to return.

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