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I have been a Office Depot customer for a number of years. Here in McAllen there is a choice of stores such as Best Buy, Wal Mat, Target, and other office supplies stores but I had made my choice to be Office Depot.
I purchased several ink cartriges at the Office Depot on 10th street here in McAllen. My printer went out and I was left with one ink cartirge and had no need for it. By this time I no longer had the receipt but I thought I could get credit for it and purchse something else in the near future. I was told by the cashier and the so called manager that without the receipt I would not be able to return it. I asked that all I wanted was a credit and did not need a monetary exchange.See Top 10 Worst Companies in McAllen, TXThey insisted that the policy was the same and a receipt was still needed. All the stores mentioned above and others not mentioned have no problem issuing a credit in lieu of money returned when there is no receipt. What makes Office Depot so different from the other businesses in this respect. In my opinion Office Depot needs to change their policy and get off their high horse and treat customers better. Like I said here in McAllen we have a choice as to what stores we want to make our purchases at so unless customers are breaking down your doors to get in I would give this policy a second thought. I had no use for the ink cartrige so I left it at your store and told your manager to keep it. I hope you can resell it and make a profit on it as you probably need it.

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  • An
      Jul 21, 2007
    Office Depot - refusal to honor return policy
    United States

    I made a computer notebook purchase on July 15, 2017. I was told at that time that I would have fourteen days to bring it back. I attempted to return it on the 21st of July. I paid with an electronic check - the same as cash and I expected to receive cash back. I was told that I would have to leave the computer and give them my name and phone number so the manager could "investigate" my purchase when he came in on Monday. This is OUTRAGEOUS. First Mr. Doyle said that he didn't have the money to give me and then he changed his story when I pressed him about his policy. How can cash be returned if the policy is to NOT KEEP CASH in the store to cover returns? I asked Mr. Doyle for an 800-number for customer complaints and he said there wasn't one. He then gave me the corporate "[protected]" number knowing full well that no one would be there to solve my issue in a timely manner (NOW). Let me state that I would have been willing to accept a check handed to me at that moment as I told Mr. Beason when I contacted him. I had gotten Mr. Beason's name from Mr. Doyle but he refused to give me a contact number. I looked it up in the phone book. By the way, Mr. Beason was upset because I had called him at home on his "day off" that he was spending with his family. I told him that as a manager he should know that he IS A MANAGER 24/7. I explained the purchase to Mr. Beason and told him that Mr. Doyle first told me that he didn't have the money and then he changed his story to the he only had "ones." Mr. Beason said that he would not give all of his store's money out on one return and that was what he had told Mr. Doyle. I told Mr. Beason that when I had questioned Mr. Doyle again about the "800" number he called the police on me. Mr. Beason said that he had told Mr. Doyle to call the police if I was loud and causing a scene and would not leave the store. I told Mr. Beason the Mr. Doyle NEVER ASKED ME TO LEAVE THE STORE. As for my being loud, I ALWAYS talk loudly because I have a Hearing Disability.

    What I want to know is - Is this the way you treat all of your customers, or just those customers with Disabilities? By the way, I never knew (when I was in the store) that Mr. Beason had told Mr. Doyle to call the police. As far as I knew, he called the police because I EXPECTED an agent of Office Depot to HONOR the return policy. I made the purchase with an electronic check that was IMMEDIATELY run through my account. Mr. Beason said "oh no" you have to wait ten days for a refund for a purchase by check. So I asked him, "If I come in after ten days will I get cash back?" He stated, "If I have the money." Store policy STATES CASH REFUND. Is this a deceptive business practice? Or, is the problem simply a store manager who could not care less about customer service?

    By the way, I purchased my desk top computer from the Lake Charles Office Depot. I have, in the past, made numerous purchases there. I want to know with whom to speak AT CORPORATE. Please do not give me an "800" number. I want the corporate extension, please. I feel that my time has been wasted talking to customer service in the Philippines. They, by the way, also lied to me. I asked to speak to an upper level manager and I was told that they were all in a "closed door meeting." When I asked her where she was located she finally told me Manila, Philippines. So I asked her, "Just what manager, at your location, do you think could solve this issue NOW. She said there was no one and ALSO gave me the Corporate number that sends you in circles. After sending you through the menu for customer complaints, the suggestion given is to call the store manager if there is a problem. I did that. It seems that store policy is to offer a service that does not exist (a cash return that is not available because no cash is kept in the store.

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  • Jo
      Jul 25, 2007
    Office Depot - poor quality product!
    United States

    Viking Office Products was tops in office supplies. Then they were bought out by Office Depot and it has been downhill from there. I've had numerous problems with ordering products from this company, the latest one being today when I opened two packages of replacement ink #56 for an HP computer printer. Both were remanufacture ink cartridges having the Office Depot label. Both were very defective and wouldn't print properly. It's too late to even ask for a refund since the ink was ordered a couple of months ago (I only open cartridges when I need them). From now on I'm doing a quality check on all cartridges ordered and I'll never order from Office Depot again!

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  •   Apr 23, 2008
    Office Depot - bad experience
    Office Depot
    United States

    May 2017 I bought an HP laptop from Office Depot in Washington, NC. While selecting the computer I needed, I was recommended to purchase the 2 year extended warranty. The exact words said to me were "If you drop it, run over it with your car or whatever, bring it back in and you will get a brand new computer of equal or more value". So, I bought it. I've always had exceptional service with Dell on extended warranties so I thought it would be a good insurance policy. Two weeks ago, I turn it on and get a very "vague" picture on the monitor. I called the warranty service, was sent a box for return and got it back today-unprepared. I was told there was moisture in the unit and my warranty was void. Now before I sent it, I plugged in an external monitor with great success, backed up my data and sent the unit in. I get it back with the news that it had been water damaged and it won't even come on now. I've been round and round with Office Depot's customer service and they basically told me to F-Off. They said the mother board had been soaked with coffee or Coke and I had no recourse. How was it that it worked two weeks ago with an external monitor and now it won't come on? The manager at the Office Depot I bought it from (200 miles away) says he will do everything he can to help me but according to Office Depot, I'm ***. I want to put the word out that OD will NOT stand behind there extended warranties.

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  •   Jun 13, 2008
    Office Depot - they do not honour extended warranties
    Office Depot
    United States

    Bought a Lenovo tablet in 2017 and bought the 3 year extended warranty. The sales associate who sold it to me said this is a great warranty. "Even if you drop it or accidentally run over it with your car, we'll replace it if we can’t repair it". Well, last week it started acting up where it was turning on slowly and then wouldn’t turn on at all. They sent me a box and I sent it to be repaired. It was returned 3 weeks later UNREPAIRED. They claim the mother board appeared to have moisture damage- yeah right! Darn warranty cost me an extra $300 and it is a rip off. Don't let them con you on the extended warranty. Better yet, buy your computer elsewhere is my recommendation.

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  • Kr
      Jul 08, 2008
    Office Depot - extremely rude manager
    Office Depot
    206 S. Rosenberger
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On 7/07/08 I purchased an ink cartridge using a Office Depot gift card. After I got back to my office I realized I had purchased the wrong cartridge. I returned to the store the following morning with the cartridge and receipt. The very nice cashier did the transaction but when she scanned the gift card it said I had a balance of $00.00. The original receipt clearly stated I had a balance of $46.23. She called for the manager named Chris. He came to the register and tried to scan the card again and ended up with the same results. The cashier Kathy pointed out to him the balance reflected on the original receipt. He then very rudely said that I could have come back into the store and purchased more items that ran my gift card balance to zero and was being deceitful and brought an invalid receipt. He then said he couldn't do anything about it except call the corporate office. He did not offer to do this at all. Meanwhile I'm standing there waiting for a resolution to the problem and am very offended by him calling me a liar and a potential thief. I had to ask him to call the corporate office by which he rudely stated would be later when he had time. What a way to treat a customer Office Depot! I lodged a complaint with the corporate office myself. They asked me to fax them a copy of my receipt and the back of the gift card. I did so immediately. However after reading some of the posts here I do not expect the corporate office to resolve this issue. Office Depot of Evansville, IN west-side location has forever lost my business and the business of the other company I work for.

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  • Bi
      Jul 10, 2008

    During my hassle with Office Depot I was finally contacted by "Diane" at Office Depot's Customer Relations department and I got a small amount of relief (not close to what I lost in time, money and stress), but at least they made some effort to appease me -- too little, too late! I will not be shopping at Office Depot again.
    You can try calling Diane at their customer relations department at [protected] if you think you have a chance and you think they will make it worthwhile enough to cover this long distance call to Florida in addition to what they already ripped you for.

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  • Le
      Jul 20, 2008

    Office Depot's Return/Exchange policy is:

    14 Days with receipt for full refund on Technology or Unassembled Furniture.

    30 Days on all other supplies, with receipt.

    Without a receipt, store credit can be issued with ID. BUT THIS IS LIMITED TO THREE TIMES. If you have done this three times, you cannot return ANYTHING without a receipt. And, the item will be rung up for the LOWEST PRICE within the last 90 DAYS. It is also printed on the back of your receipt, which you lost.

    Even if you had the receipt, ink cartridges have an install by date. If that had passed, then you cannot exchange them. Like exchanging milk after the sell by date.

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  • An
      Aug 08, 2008

    I feel for you in this situation! It sucks having to run around and call people that don't give a $hit.However, Office Depot policy is to not give cash back under 10 days no matter how the check is run. I will explain why in a minute. One way to express your dissatisfaction believe it or not, is to comment on the survey at the bottom of the receipt you get from there. Office Depot stores are individually rated on customer survey scores and mystery shops. If you give them a low ball score on their electronic survey at the bottom of the receipt, it is anonymous, so they can't blow you off saying you were the "psycho" customer, and you can harm their score which affects the store manager directly through district and corporate, and It effects their bonuses directly.
    I hope this can help you feel better somehow, but as for the check thing, they should have just explained that though it goes through electronically, that doesn't mean the check is good. People make fake money orders and traveler's checques that don't bounce until 10 days later, but the banks don't know it until later so even if the money is out of your account that day, the store still doesn't know for sure if it will come back later as a fraudulent account so they have to have a ten day hold policy. Have you seen the movie "Catch me if you Can"? Though banks have come a long way, there are still many ways people can keep an account active long enough to fool businesses. This is why they still have that policy. As for the "having only one dollar bills", they can't refuse a cash refund, but they can ask for you to come by later that day when they have more money to refund you. Being a supply store, they only have so much cash on site and they need to reserve it for their change orders. They really honestly only have $2017 cash total between the safe, registers, etc... which isn't alot when it includes rolled coins as well, but I am sure if they explained it to you, you would have understood. They were in the wrong to handle it like they did and not give you all the correct details. Then it sounds like they were making up stupid stories and excuses to cover up their mistake.
    I hope you went back and got a cash refund after the 10 days, and I hope you still have the receipt to comment. If not, go in, buy a candy bar and leave and take the survey! That is better than calling on the phone and it will wake up the manager!

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  • We
      Aug 21, 2008
    Office Depot - returns
    United States

    Office Depot will not issue returns for electronics if the box has been opened. They won't tell you that either. DO NOT BUY from them if you think you want to return. If you don't like the item you cannot return it for either a credit on your charge card or NO STORE CREDIT either. Their policy is EXCHANGE ONLY. I will jot go there again. I am stuck with a TV that I don't like. Never even hooked the TV up. I took it out of the box, saw that it was too small and tried to take it back the next day. They refused. Called Corporate HQ. No such luck. They refused to help me get a credit to the store. EXCHANGE ONLY. I was visiting and didn't want to fly home with the TV. They don't care...

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  •   Sep 03, 2008
    Office Depot - longest store pickup ever and ignorant cashier
    Office Depot
    United States

    I ordered a chair online which was on sale at Office Depot. It was 69 dollars and I have a coupon code which take about 10. So the total price was about 59 dollars. I chose pickup option since I don't want to pay for the shipping and handling fees. Anyway I went to the store and the cashier asked me what I needed. I told him that I'm picking up the chair. He asked me how much I paid for and I said 59 dollars. He was like wow that's cheap. He said it in a way that makes you feel like you're scamming the company or something. He then asked other cashier to look up the "price" to see if it's the correct price or not. So I waited for 45 minutes for another cashier to take care of my order. The cashier was slow and ignorant. He asked me why I don't go to a store that's near to my house. I think he just said randomly whatever. Since my house is 3 miles away from Office Depot. So I waited for another15 minutes just for the paper to be printed out.

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  •   Sep 22, 2008
    Office Depot - beware
    Office Depot
    United States

    Beware using online coupons offered by Office Depot. In print too small for a magnifying glass, I found that these were not valid for any electronics, electronic accessories, or media & software, nor for wireless, satellite, internet technology, nor for HP ink or toner, or for Gift Cards, or for product prevention plans or shipping fees, etc.

    So why bother shopping there? Office Depot's prices are not cheap. I spent $130, half of which was for electronics. So no $15 off for me!

    Go online to other stores and find these products with free shipping. Maybe even lower prices. And buy school supplies where they are more affordable.

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  • Ca
      Sep 23, 2008

    Hello I had received a phone call on my voice mail from Marius on 9/5/2017, from the Performance Protection Plan Dept, informing me that the part that they needed to repair my laptop they could not find, and that they would send me out a gift card in the amount of $649.99 and that it would take between 7 - 10 business days. When those days elasped I call and they and they told me the card should be at my my house on 9/17/2017 or call back, when I call they said wait one more day 9/18/ 2017 or call, there was no card. On friday 9/19/ 2017 there still was no card. I call and ask to speak to a supervisor, his name was Marco, he put me on hold while he call the processing center, finally he gets back on the phone and tells me, it will be arriving in another 7 to 10 business days, I wanted to know if he could overnight the card, he said he could not. I told him I would call back to speak to his supervisor, now when I call he is in a meeting and he will not return my calls, as a matter of fact today 9/23/2017 Marius has not return my call or Marco and no other Supervisors were available, I am not trying to be a unpleasant customer, I just want to know where my gift card is so I can purchase another computer. I even offered to Marco to swallow over $400.00 and just refund me the cost of the protection plan. I feel like I am force to wait and force to shop for a computer at office depot, I wish if I ever get it I could just redeem it for cash, because I am so dissapointed, please help. No one is returning my calls. Thank you Carlton Mapp [protected], in ft. lauderdale.

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  •   Oct 17, 2008
    Office Depot - reneges on rebate
    Office Depot
    United States

    I purchased a Toshiba laptop in April from Office Depot in large part due to the $185 in rebates promised - $50 from Toshiba and $135 from Office Depot. I received the rebate from Toshiba promptly and a card from OD saying I hadn't purchased an item on the rebate form (it clearly was) and they hadn't received the UPC (it was on the same sticker as the serial number). I resubmitted the paperwork, waited 90 days and heard nothing.

    I called to check on the status of the rebate. There was no record of it arriving at the rebate center. I told the agent I could send the receipts in again. He said it was too late and there was nothing I could do to get the rebate.

    This poor handling has soured me on Office Depot. It seems that someone in the actual company (vs. rebate fulfillment center) should be able to do something about this. I hold this in stark contrast to a competitor who has a simple way to submit rebate requests on line, gives you instant feedback, and send out promised rebates.

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  •   Oct 28, 2008
    Office Depot - customer dis-service
    Office Depot
    United States

    Why I will never buy another thing from Office Depot

    Every time you advertise a good deal on a computer, your stores never have them. When those stores call other stores, those other stores never have. then your sales reps tell me "Oh that's been discontinued" So why advertise it.

    Every time I order something from Tech Depot that was advertised in print or on your site, I get told "Oh that's been discontinued"

    My last order: Purchased online from OD website for store pick up, charged 899.99, although your phone reps say I wasn't. Call me the next morning, state that the store I want to pick computer up doesn't have any and I cannot get on delivered because ummmmm "It's been discontinued" Call store: Store has 2, we'll hold it for you, GREAT!!! But since OD online is holding $899.99 (901.00 actually) I can't pay for new computer. Ask OD online to call my credit card company to release the hold, poor English speaking rep tells me that my card was not charged, ummmm my cc says it was, 901 hold pending could take 3-5 days to drop off. CC company says we'll gladly drop the hold immediately if OD calls and provides some info and I can buy computer immediately. Again OD rep speaking poor English tells me that my card wasn't charged.

    Called store for assistance, guy tells me "Sorry this kinda stuff happens all the time, and there's nothing I can do." At least I could understand him.

    This year Best Buy and Staples will get all my computer business, which I plan to buy one nice desktop, 2 laptops, an LCD projector, a 42 inch HDTV, and related software titles. All by Christmas.

    No matter how irresistible your prices are, no matter how many tempting emails I get, I would rather pay more from a Store or Website that provides quality customer service, consistent prices between Web and Store, and actually carries the products they advertise, not discontinuing them the day the ad hits the streets.

    Thank you for making this so easy for me.


    If I have a good experience, I will tell 2-3 people by word of mouth, and none via the internet.

    If I have a bad experience, I will tell 10 by word of mouth and MILLIONS via the internet.

    Thank you Al Gore, thank you for inventing the internet so I can tell the world about crappy retailers and their lack of realizing that without happy customers, the only ones that are happy are the bankruptcy vultures.

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  • Ke
      Nov 15, 2008

    I am really sorry for your trouble with that store. As a department manager of another Office Depot store I would have explained that the check needs to be held for ten days in order to insure its funds but that I would be more than happy to either have them issue you a check upon the tenth day or ask you to come back on the tenth day to receive a cash return. Unfortunately bad people have caused many companies to adhere to these types of policies.
    As for the way that you handled the problem, I am truly surprised that someone did not contact the police. From your very own description it sounds like you may have crossed a few lines of what should be done in these situations and I personally would have taken your actions and a personal threat. Any way you look at it, you would not have gotten the money back in cash at that very moment. And how would you have liked it if someone you do not know called you screaming at you because of your work on your day off. Yes Managers are managers 24/7 but angry customers calling you in the middle of your day off are NOT part of the job description.
    Customer service is very important to me and yes you apparently are a customer, the customer is always right so I would accept that call personally. But still, I would have told you that we can not issue cash refund till the tenth day. Just out of curiosity have you ever herd the saying that you get more bees with honey?

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  • Dw
      Nov 20, 2008

    After attempting to return electronic item and turned away by store management I made the mistake of contacting the corporate executive team only to get the same runaround about scripted policy. While the rep was professional she replied the same as store and that was an hour of my life I'll never get back. Behind the cash register each store has a sign promoting 100% customer satisfaction which is the best laugh I've had all day. We will be shopping at Officemax from this point forward.

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  • An
      Nov 22, 2008
    Office Depot - no returns
    Office Depot
    United States

    Office Depot's return policy is absurd. I bought Windows Vista upgrade and tried to return it 7 days later when I couldn't get the software to work properly. I was told that I could only return an unopened box, within 14 days, for credit to buy only the exact same thing. I don't think I have ever seen a policy that is less than 15 days, and a store credit for the same product?! Effectively there is NO return policy.

    I will never shop at Office Depot again, and plan to write the attorney general of CA to complain.

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  • Ta
      Dec 10, 2008
    Office Depot - lack of intellagence
    Office Depot
    United States

    I bought letterhead and business cards that were not filled in from Office Depot. I went to the website that was listed on the forms so I can get a template to fill them in. The website did not list the particular items I had purchased, so I called the 1-800 number. That is were my headaches began.

    After spending about an hour and a half being transfered from one department to another, no one could tell me were to find the correct template. After being on hold for a long time, I spoke with people that were rude, people that had no idea how to work their website and people that would ramble on about everything but what could help me. I finnally spoke with someone with some intellagence, and was told to go to I tried to explain that i didn't need help with printing, but she insisted I go there so I did. I was under the assumption that was a website associated with them. How wrong I was.

    Once I got on that website, I had no problem designing and printing my letter head and business cards. I thought that was the end of my problems.

    Several days after I printed them, the day I was going to promote my business, I had realized that the letter head hadn't printed out correctly. That was my fault, apperently I was so frusterated I did not realize it before. I don't have internet access were I live, so I had to go to a friends house 35 miles away to use his computer. I thought it would be an easy fix and I could get on my way. How wrong I was.

    I couldn't log in to so I hit the appropriate button to retrive my password. I got a message to check my e-mail. I did this several times, but was never sent an e-mail with my password. I started calling Office Depot again. AGHHHHHHHHHH HEADACKES AGAIN. Again I was transfered from one department to another. No one knew what they were talking about. One woman told me that they were not trained about the website, another woman told me she was told to tell people Office Depot was not associated with that website. One woman told me I did not have an online account, so I decided to just set one up. When I did, I get a online memo that an account had already been set up and if I had forgotten my password, I should retrieve it by hitting the appropriate button, which I had already did.

    In short, I ended up going round and round in circles because no one knew what the hell they were talking about.

    I don't know if Office Repo fired all their smart people so they can hire stupid people that will work for minimum wage, but I do know I will never purchase anything in their stores again. I would rather go out of my way to another store to avoid the headackes I have endured. I have not only had to deal with stupidity, but I have had to put off promoting my business.

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  • An
      Dec 30, 2008

    So... I work for Office Depot. Problem is I CAME from an Office Depot that ranked highest in district for all sorts of things... and the customer service was the BEST. Then I transfered... to an Office Depot that gets a LOT of complaints and I can see why. At first my stand was that I still respect Office Depot as a company but that I hated the actual store I work for now. But today I've been reading complaints about the company online and now I'm torn. One thing I can tell you for sure though... is that Officemax is even worse than Depot. I can see giving your business elsewhere but my advice would be, stick with Best Buy. They ARE the best. Even the OLD Office Depot I worked for said that if a Best Buy ever opened in that city they'd go out of business because Best Buy IS the best. In fact I told my boyfriend today if I ever did get let go from Office Depot (assuming I don't actually quit) I'd be going straight to Best Buy. But, I've dealt with OfficeMax and they are NOT fun.

    Sorry you've had such a crappy experience... hope things go better for you. Keep one thing in mind though. Not all the employees of Office Depot are that way. Some of us are there because we like to believe we can help turn things around for the better. (That really is why I still work there. I have hopes that things WILL change.)

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  • Ly
      Mar 02, 2009

    Actually, when dealing with software, I don't know of any retailer who WILL take back an opened box. How is the store supposed to know if you installed it or copied it? With software piracy rampant, retailers can only exchange an opened box with the same software (in case of a defective disc).

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  • Ga
      Apr 18, 2009

    If you are going to comment on a lack of intelligence, you should spell check your subject line first. I not A...

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  • Ed
      Jul 02, 2009
    Office Depot - liars
    Office Depot
    United States

    I purchased the product "Media Now" after talking to one of the sales associates about it's compatibility. The product would not work with Vista on a 64 bit system. I took the product back and told it could not be returned because I might have made a copy of the program and that it was against the copy right laws. I filed a complaint with the company and was told the same thing by one of their managers. I researched the copy right laws and there is no such law. If there were no software could ever be returned and many companies will take the program back if they don't work. It is simply Office Depot's policy to assume that every customer is a thief. That is their privilege, but they should be upfront about it and not lie to their customers.

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  • Hb
      Jul 14, 2009
    Office Depot - poor store experience, can't buy advertised product
    Office Depot
    British Columbia

    Two weeks ago I visited the Victoria BC store, after seeing that
    although Office lists the HP B9180 printer online, it displayed
    an "unavailable in your area" error when I attempted to buy online.

    The staff was helpful, took a look online and verified that it was
    indeed in the Office Depot item list, and then took my name and number
    and agreed to get one in-store which I could then purchase. I was
    pleased and went on to pick up a supply of inks and high end photo
    papers for my existing printer, and made plans to make Office Depot my
    single source for printing supplies for my photography based on that

    I followed up with a phone call two days ago and was told "it's not here
    yet, we'll call you when it's in". Although a bit surprised at the long
    lead time, I was satisfied that things were in the works and that I
    would have my printer in due time.

    Today I was in-store making some additional purchases and decided to
    check the status of the printer and things went quickly downhill.
    Apparently the manager who had been assisting me is no longer with you,
    the back-room associate who I assume handles receiving had no idea what
    we were talking about, and the member of the store's management team I
    wound up talking to a) had no idea who I was, b) could find no record of
    any request to have this printer brought to the store, c) told me it
    can't be purchased at Office Depot Canada at all. When I related the
    conversation I had with a store associate two days ago, all I got was
    "well who was it?" followed by a bit of a shrug and a "we can't help

    It was on the web site. I was not on the US ".com" web site when
    I saw it.

    I received no follow-up phone call apologizing for a mix-up and letting
    me know the item could not be obtained for me. Further, either someone
    at the store knows about this and knows the item was expected in or one
    of your store associates just made that up to get a customer off the

    What did I expect? As someone who spent over seventeen years in big-box
    corporate retail management (at Kohl's) here's what I expected: I
    expected the member of the store management team I met with today
    (Stephen) to get on a phone back to corporate, explain the situation,
    and see what could be done to assist a customer. I expected an apology
    for the confusion. I expected more of an effort than simply browsing
    the website and...while we were both looking at the printer displayed
    with a Canadian price (not the US price)...telling me it was not
    available through the Canadian arm of OD. I expected to want to
    continue to do business with Office Depot despite this situation. I did
    not get what I expected.

    I am flagging this with a request for a response. I want to know that
    this is not the norm, I want to understand how the item displays on the
    .ca version of the e-commerce item database at all, since it clearly
    should not be if you don't sell it in Canada. I would love to hear that
    someone will help me, and I would like to have a positive experience
    with Office Depot as opposed to being currently disposed to telling
    every other professional photographer I come into contact with (and
    anyone else for that matter) that I had a horrid experience with your
    company and won't be going back.

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  • Ca
      Aug 03, 2009
    Office Depot - terrible service
    Office Depot
    United States

    Office Depots customer service is a big fat joke. Their customer service reps r all rude. The managers will always them up. Your the idiot and their employees r always right. (even though i work for an attorney and they answer phones all day) HA! I was never offered any apologies or remedies for their continuous inconveniences. Late delivery, rude reps, no confirmation of fax orders, wrong items delivered, the list goes on. So, anyone reading this that can refer me to a customer friendly office supply company who will deliver and receive faxed orders.

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  •   Aug 20, 2009

    I used to work for office depot and yes unfort this does happen from time to time. The problem is not office depot though things get discontinued this quickly because the vendor and or manufac makes a new model of that laptop so quickly or the manufac stops distributing them. Office Depot dosen't pick n choose which ones they wanna sell and which they would like to discontinue. And when they do send them they can tell us were getting a shipment of 200 and only get about 60 or even 5 that go on the floor for walk ins due to customers pre-ordering them on the internet. Its a first come first serve basis kinda thing. I know it sucks but start pre-ordering if you really like the price. Staples dosen't even let you get rain checks and OD DOES, I know in my store if someone was promised something we would make it right one way or another. Ive never heard of this kinda rubbish.

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  •   Aug 20, 2009 need to learn how to read better...because if you go into an actual OD store IT SAYS IT EVERYWHERE COUPONS CANNOT BE USED ON TECH IT EMS. They can be used to supplys, safes, some office equip and ink only. NO ONE GIVES OUT COUPONS FOR TECH ###...Why should OD be any different...

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  • Pr
      Sep 11, 2009
    Office Depot - awful bookcases - awful customer service
    Office Depot
    United States

    Several things leave me displeased with my Office Depot order. First, the bookcase pictured for SKU636155 did not match the items I ordered. Second, the bookcases are badly engineered. They consist of a two-shelf base with a three shelf unit on top. The central shelf literally divides the unit in half and is the connection piece for each half. This configuration makes the unit very weak. Even in the instructions, there is a warning not to stand the unit on end before the cardboard back is nailed on. The warning states the unit may collapse. I can't recommend this overpriced excuse for furniture. Third, I called Office Depot to return the bookcases. On Aug 30, I was given a Set 15 pickup date. On Sep 2, I got a call from the pickup service saying they were at my home to pick up the bookcases. This was the first time I'd heard of any change. I was lucky and they finally collected the bookcases on Tuesday Sep 8. I contacted them later about when the refund will post back to my credit card. I was told it would take 5 to 8 days for the refund to be processed. What kind of service is that? I can’t recommend this product or Office Depot service. Both are completely unsatisfactory.

    I tried to post a review on the office depot site - since I rated the product as 'poor' the review was never posted - even after I resubmitted several time. So forget about truth from Office Depot

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  • In
      Oct 27, 2009

    Don't you think it's rather unfair to just assume that ALL service reps are rude? Just because you had a bad experience once doesn't really give you the authority to make that statement especially since it seems like you got an item delivered to you. Those people who deliver Office Depot products are completely different from those who work in the stores.

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  • Kr
      Nov 25, 2009

    I'm sure there was NO display to look at, right? Or maybe you weren't able to figure out just how big "42 inches" was, right? Don't blame a company for your mistakes.

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  • Ad
      Nov 29, 2009
    Office Depot - misrepresented products
    United States

    Office Depot has these and a few other Papermate pencils listed as the "American Naturals" and "Made in USA". Well, sorry... these are cheap Chinese imports like all the others now. Sanford, the manufacturer, owned by Rubbermaid, has closed their Tennessee plant. There are no Papermate pencils that are Made in the USA so don't think you are getting something quality. So dissipointed when I ordered a truckload of these and they arrived (see attached) however to their credit, Office Depot credited my account and said just keep them. I guess that is to keep the peace but no mention of them changing their website info to reflect the true product.

    So if you want to be sure your kids are chewing on lead-free yellow painted pencils manufactured under regulation like the OSHA, EPA and FDC (what are the Chinese equivalents to these? Hm, cant think of them) buy the Semi-Hex school pencils I just ordered from the General Pencil Co. in Jersey City and made from aromatic cedar from California. Good stuff for the kidos and the teacher will thank you for not wasting class time sharpening crappy pencils all day!

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  • Pe
      Jan 01, 2010

    hey dumb ###. it says finished in USA, with wood imported from Indonesia and China...
    Are you racist against where wood comes from? LOL wood is wood...

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  • Da
      Jan 23, 2010

    Office Depot employees get paid minimum wage, so don't expect much.

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  • Office Depot - failure to deliver (at all!)
    United States

    What an example of poor business and incompetence!
    I ordered and PAID for a laptop from OfficeDepot on their website. In bold letters on top of their leading page was "Free Next Business Day Delivery".
    In this particular purchase this was very important to me as I was having the computer delivered in time for a flight out of the country.
    When the computer didn't arrive next business day, I checked the email and they had 'deleted' the order.
    Calling customer service, I was told that my Credit Card company had denied the order.
    This LIE was cleared up with a simple call to MasterCard. They not only had approved the order, but gave me the date, time amount and a verification code.
    Calling back to customer service, I was now told that they were "out of stock" of this item.
    It was late in the afternoon on Friday, my plane for south America was leaving in hours and they made one lousy excuse after another.
    When asked if they could do anything to deliver this computer or another one like it in time for my flight, they opted to do nothing. Their answer was that they could refund my money (a given).
    They offered no plausible excuse for having denied my order, having 'deleted' it without notifying me, no phone call, nothing.
    When asked if they could get another computer to me on Saturday before my flight, they just said "we don't deliver on Saturdays"
    Well, that wouldn't have been necessary if they had simply followed through with their big internet promise of "Free Next Business Day Delivery"

    They will deliver it if it is convenient for them, if they have it in stock and if they feel like it.
    If it is important to you, go to a store (preferably a professional one) and purchase it. OR have it delivered by a company who actually knows that people are relying on companies to live up to their promises as we are also important and have promises to keep.
    YOU HAVE CHOICES - Give your money to a company that deserves it!

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  • Jk
      Mar 11, 2010

    "It was late in the afternoon on Friday, my plane for south America was leaving in hours and they made one lousy excuse after another."

    "When asked if they could get another computer to me on Saturday before my flight, they just said "we don't deliver on Saturdays""

    There are holes in your story. How is it that your flight was leaving "in hours" when it was friday afternoon, but then later, your flight changed to Saturday?? I think we need to hear both sides of this story. If you can't even get this simple story straight, how do we know Office Depot did anything wrong?

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  • Ir
      May 05, 2010
    Office Depot - customer abuse
    Office Depot
    United States

    Went in to the home depot to buy a wireless expander in the morning and found out the model they sell was out of date and needed a firmware update to possibly be compatibly with my router... well I went to return it after I found that it wasn't a crappy piece of equipment and found that the store had a policy that states the customer CAN'T have there money back even though i bought it just one hour prior to returning it. I felt so sick to my stomach when they kept saying "company policy". When I told the manager he lost my business, he smiled and said "that's okay, we have other customers".. this made me feel sick as they smuggly stand their and rob you with their "company policy"

    I tried contacting corporate via phone and email and I never got a response. It seems to me this company doesn't like their customers.

    If I am going to spend my hard earned money with a company, they better make an effort to make me feel welcome. Instead, office depot thinks all their customers are criminals and will laugh at you if you tell them they lost your business.

    Funny thing is, I was a loyal customer and bought all my business supplies there... they lost thousands in sales, business and referrals from me.

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  • Ss
      May 21, 2010

    Actually, the two customer service representatives I spoke with on the phone apologized. I felt badly because I yelled at them for probably 2 minutes about having my furniture delivery re-scheduled FOUR times. After yelling at the supervisor about how terrible Office Depot is, she said that she will credit me a refund for the delivery once it actually arrives. I don't know if it will happen as they have not noted the first two interactions with them, but we'll see. At least they apologized...

    They didn't tell me that they were going to cancel the delivery, so I don't go into work in the morning. I HATE having to tell my supervisor that I can't come into work because my furniture is being delivered only to find out that I could have worked. Now, Office Depot's unreliability is my problem and reflects poorly on my work ethic.

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  • Ra
      Jun 08, 2010
    Office Depot - terrible warranty company and service
    Office Depot
    United States

    I have just gone thru *** with Office depot and their warranty company and still am not finished. We sent off a laptop 6 weeks ago for repair. We had an extended warranty and a accidental damage warranty. It took 6 weeks for the repair company to decide it wasn't economical to repair. They wouldn't even return calls to the local office depot manager. The warranty company says they don't replace the laptop only issue a gift card to buy a replacement and that takes at least 10 days. I've dealt with bestbuy numerous times for laptop repair and replacement. They've always repaired in less that two weeks or if couldn't be repaired, they just gave me a new laptop. Office Depot is in the stone age of customer service and needs a new warranty company and repair company. I would never buy from them again. Office depot doesnt keep any of their purchases on record like best buy does. If you don't have the paperwork they can't look anything up.

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  • Th
      Jul 07, 2010

    Employees of office depot can call the rebate center and get it approved if you bring copies of the reciept and rebate form to the store. Did you even try and let the store take care of your problem before you bad mouthed them?

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  • Sr
      Sep 04, 2010
    Office Depot - rude customer service and poor return policy
    United States

    I purchased a laptop from Office Depot with an extended warranty and owned it for less than a week. I was having problems with it and contcted Lenovo. If trying to resolve the issues, they detemined that I had a defective network card and advised me to return it. I went Office Depot first to exchange it. They said they do not exchange computers. The manager was very rude and could care less. I told him I only had it for a week and he then said if it was under 14 days, if I brought in my receipt and original box he would exchange it. They had no copies of consumer records in the store. I was so angry, I decided to return and go somewhere else to buy it. When I brought it back there was a different office manager more rude than the first one, I was told I could not return it. At first he told me I could exchange it but there would be a 15% restocking fee since I did not have the original packing material. I only had the box it came in. Then he told me he would not even let me exchange even though it was defective since I had taken it out of the box and there was dust on it and he was sure that it was not defective. I was so disguted. I will never go back there again.

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  • Sh
      Sep 10, 2010
    Office Depot - return and repair of computer
    Back in Union Springs
    Union Springs
    United States

    I purchased a desk top computer and fax machine for a new business I have opened 45 miles from the Office Depot. The printer stopped working after 2 weeks of purchase. I called and was told there is nothing they can do for me. Next I had problems with the new HP desktop computer. I took it back to get it looked at based on a sign on the store stating computer repair. I paid $160 for the store to remove a virus. The problem was not solved at that point. I was as told I should have gotten warranty. I now have to send the computer to HP and be without a computer for about 4 weeks. The policies at Office depot are misleading. Make sure you read the fine print and policy. It is locate near the register. I will not shop at Office depot again. I am telling all my friends and business associates. Thanks for listening. I am so disappointed and now out of money i could not afford to loose.

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