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My complaint is service related. Since I am a business owner - I am keen to service issues. I wanted to share with you my experience - I feel office depot has falled short.
I have a dental practice. I purchase all my office supplies through my local office depot on forest lane in dallas, texas. An office depot employee advised me to purchase a canon scanner to scan in my radiographs - it is a daunting project.
It took us several months to get the project started. Once we had the scanner installed - it did not work as we were advised - the radiographs could not be read. We trouble-shooted with canon but it simply is not the right fact, the hp printer/scanner/copier that I purchased from you - works better.
So we had to have the canon scanner removed - placed back in box where it sat for several months.
Finally - I realized I should take it back. It had been almost a year.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXTo my surprise really - I was told that since it has been more than 30 days - there is nothing office depot will do. And I was turned away.
So I gave 1 800 go depot a call and explained my situation to dana.
She too would not help me out stating that these are the policies and there is nothing she would do for me.
This is utterly disappointing. The scanner is new in the box exactly how I purchased it.
Considering the value of the scanner - it is not a huge ask. I purchased it for $200. I am just very disappointed that office depot won't help me out with a product that they recommended I purchase.
I was not made aware that there was a time frame involved.
I assumed office depot has better policies.
I assumed that after hearing my particular situation - someone could help me out. I am a professional. I am not trying to take advantage.
I just wanted some courtesy.
Unfortunately - I will be purchasing my office supplies elsewhere from now on.
As a business owner - thought you might want to know my experience.

May 07, 2017

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